Monday, June 23, 2008

The Absolute Power of Prayer

Hey there, you all,
What a story I have to relate to you today! As you know, we have been visiting our daughter and son-in-law and their family. We always have prayer before we leave on a journey anywhere. This morning was no different...It didn't take very long for the need to arise for protection from accidents.

About 30 minutes after we left their home, I ran into my first problem. They (the people who decide to change the routes by construction) had changed the way we entered I-30. In the past, we had taken a right turn off Hwy 157 onto I-30. Not so, now. I had to quickly get over into the left turn lane...then turn left and watch for a place to enter I-30. Whoops, lots of construction, having to look for the lane to be in, horns honking, ran a red stop light following a big truck (couldn't see over the top of it) It was one of those places where traffic takes turn one vehicle at a time., lots of friendly hand gestures from other motorists. Finally, found the way to go, and got onto the interstate. (Thank you, Jesus!)

Then, ran into another problem where I-35 peels off of I-30...Accidentally missed the lane for 1-30 and got onto 1-35. Got off at the next exit and tried to find my way to go back and hit 1-30. Whoa! I knew I was supposed to find a turn around, but lo, and behold, no turnaround to be found. I found myself downtown Dallas on Commerce and Market Streets. I wound up going the wrong way on a one-way street, four lanes of traffic, and when I realized it, the traffic on the street had been held up by a traffic light, and I was alone on the street facing the oncoming traffic ready to roll. I had happened to move over my right side lane, saw a bus driver facing us in the same lane of traffic I was in, motioning wildly for me to turn right. I could almost see fright in his face. I also saw a lot of motorists giving me the friendly hand signs again..

I finally found signs directing us to the 1-30 and 1-35 roads. Got in the wrong lane, of course and had to cut in front of another driver or two. More horn blowing and hand signals.

By the time we got back on 1-30 east and on our way, I felt like I had been in the Indy 500. Totally bored by now? Just saying all this to tell you for sure that I know the guardian angels assigned to us were kept busy today, and that prayer is powerful. (Thank you, Jesus)

We are now safely ensconced in our motel and we and other motorists are safe from each other for the night.
That's all for Blabbin' Grammy tonight. Whew, are we ever tired!


Mom B said...

I don't even want to think about this post!!! :-)

Mom B said...

I-20 is a VERY good idea!!!