Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Never Thought....

Hey, Y'all,
I found out yesterday that the land here in North eastern Texas is not all flat lands. I went to a lovely brunch with several members of the Bible Study at the home of one of the members who was kind enough to invite us. I had Googled the address so that I could find it easily, and when I was on my way in, I noticed that there were a lot of ups and downs in the terrain. When I arrived, I was on top of a hill (a really high one) and all the driveways were sloped DOWN and I thought, "hmmm.. I'm not driving down in there, I would never get out". Besides, the house numbers were hard to read because the sun was in my eyes, and the numbers were very pale.

I deliberated, where to park...or not to park...I was in a cul-de-sac high on a hill...what to do. I heard a dog barking...did I dare get out of the car...was the dog penned up...would it attack me...I had a hot dish to carry in and I knew I would have a hard time getting it out and closing the hatch back of the car with pot holders, holding the hot dish. After I had determined the house I needed to enter, I saw it had about 25 steps and the walk was flagstone. Oh, my...with my aching back, carrying a hot dish that was heavy...climbing all those steps...I almost lost my courage and went back home. But I didn't leave...I went up the steps and was exhausted when I reached the door. I jokingly asked Teresa, the hostess, if she couldn't have made it more of a challenge. Ha ha.

Anyhow, I went into such a beautiful dwelling, and so beautifully decorated, and so very welcoming, where another member of the group was already there, with her little boy. Before long there were several more ladies and another couple of children, with delicious food that they had brought with them. It was a beautiful time that we had together, and we had a sharing time of telling how much we had gained in help from our study of James in the New Testament.

Of course, I brought my camera along and took some pictures, which you see at the top of today's posting. By the way, my internet has been down for several hours and just came back online a short time ago. I had the technician out today and he said the problem is outside the house and at a huge connection down the street. Someone is supposed to come and work on the connection tomorrow. My internet ws down yesterday afternoon too, and came on again last night. Very strange....I was sitting here watching tevee and looked up and saw the green lights on the modem were lit up meaning the internet was up again, just like last night. It is really weird.. Wonder how long it will be working? Long enough for me to get some stuff done on it, I hope.

I have some packages to take to the post office tomorrow morning, and hopefully, all of my Christmas stuff will be done. I did some housework today, and put up a little fiberoptic Christmas tree, and have another one to put up tomorrow. I need to mop the house and do some other stuff, and by Saturday should be finished with it. The seniors at church are having a Christmas luncheon on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. which I have signed up to attend, and am looking forward to it. I am planning on going to bed in just a little while, after I check on my farm at Farmville.

The picture taken through the picture window shows the incline and also how beautiful it is up there on top of the hill. Rather than name any of the members of the group (and maybe call someone by the wrong name) I'll just say we all had a wonderful time and the food was really tasty. It was pot luck, of course. We had a really enjoyable time and watching the kids play was fun too. The dog was so well behaved and took a real shine to anyone who would pet her. A gracious hostess, Teresa, made it all the more wonderful. Thank you, ladies, for a great time.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now. More later.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Looks like a really nice place - glad you made it.