Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Measurements of Life

Sometimes it seems as though our lives are spent in measuring.

"What time is it? How many days til my birthday? How long until Christmas, or when does school let out for the Summer? "

The last question applies to teachers as well as parents and children.

We measure ingredients for cooking, for scientific formulas.

We take measurements if we make furniture or if we sew.

Then there is the question we face many times in life, "Will I measure up to expectations?"

The big question is, will we, like Nebuchadnezzar, be weighed in the balances, and be found wanting? (Not be found worthy)


Anonymous said...

I dread those scales.

Unknown said...

Last summer, one of my best friends made the point that at one point, we couldn't wait for THIS exact moment. When we're in gradeschool, we can't wait for high school, we can't wait to graduate, when we graduate, we can't wait for college, when we're in college, we can't wait to start working or get married...it goes on and on. We forget that where we are now is what we desperately longed for at one point. We need to pray to be content where we are...and to trust Jesus that this is exactly where He wants us. =) Great post!

Grammy said...

Delores, I think a lot of us feel that way.
Anne Marie, several years ago, either ann
Landers or Dear Abby posted a writing by someone else, called, "the Station"by Robert something. It is one of my favorite posts. I'll look it up and let you know in my next post. Watch for it.

diedre Knight said...

Ha! I'm skipping my birthday from now on; I'm old enough to know when I've had enough ;-) However, there will still be a "my" day each year...
Measuring up? I'd love to know how to stop worrying about whether or not I do. Seems like such a waste.
Great, thought provoking post!

Grammy said...

Thanks, Diedre!