Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Goals in Life

Yesterday, I mentioned in a comment an essay written by a man that is called "The Station". The person who wrote it was Robert J. Hastings. 

Now, without the express approval by his estate, it is not supposed to be published, so instead of breaking the copyright law (after all, I would not want someone to publish my work without my approval, would I?), I will simply refer you to it. It is easy to find on the internet, simply enter "The Station by Robert J. Hastings" and you will be taken to it. 

Please do so; you will be pleasantly rewarded. It is an excellent piece of work. Since it was good enough to be used by Ann Landers Or Dear Abby, you know it's gotta be good.

When we begin our lives as babies, the only goals we have are being fed, diapered, kept comfortable and loved. Those are mostly the goals of our mamas, actually, if we are fortunate.

As we grow older our goals change, according to our lifestyles, and needs.

But, as the essay I mentioned tells us, we are always looking ahead.

Sometimes, depending upon one's situations, the goal is just to survive to another day.

What are your goals?

I like to make people laugh and enjoy being around me.


Anonymous said...

Goals...oh my
to keep the hubs happy
to make sure my grandies know they are loved
to leave a hole in the universe when I die that will always be recognized as my spot
to get to the end of the month before I get to the end of the money lol
lots of many to put here...

Grammy said...

Oh, yeah, a lot of those are my goals as well. I just call those everyday living, I reckon. I do want to be remembered by family and friends.

Anne Marie J. Schlueter said...

Beautiful poem, thank you for recommending! My goals? To figure out what God wants me to with my life and have the courage to follow through.

Grammy said...

You know, when I read words that are memorable and written by someone who is no longer with us, it makes me wish for more. How about you?