Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Symbiotic Relationship

Right now, my life is a very sedentary, quiet one. No great upheavals or drama. That is the way I enjoy it right now. Recently, I took my four-year old cat, Bella, a gentle Tabby with blue eyes, to the vet's to have the front two paws declawed. I left her there for a week until her paws were healed.

I went to visit with her every day, except for the last day, Sunday, because the office was closed that day.

After I picked her up and brought her home, a three minute trip, I fed her, only to have her throw it up almost immediately.

She had been traumatized by the whole week, being away from me and going through the surgery.

Since coming home, she has not been more than six or seven feet away from me except to use her litter box. So, I have stayed home all week and just sat with her.

I'll be going out to breakfast with a good friend this morning. We'll see how that goes.

Bella is always waiting near the door when I come home.

Do you have a pet? Or are you their pet? It is, after all, a symbiotic relationship, is it not?


Anonymous said...

Bella sounds like a sweetheart. We have no pets at the moment. We've had two of note over the years...both cats of course....Nick and Rocky.

Grammy said...

She is a sweetheart, but she still has teeth that she is not afraid to use.

D.G. Hudson said...

Indeed it is! They need our love and we need theirs too. Our cat had a similar experience when the vet was trying to determine the best level of shots for her feline diabetes. The rough handling by one of the vet staff made our cat distrustful, biting and hissing for a week or so after our vacation. I never took her back there again. She had not eaten well. All it takes is one person to make them think they have been abandoned. I hope your Bellas feels more safe now. De-clawing is a very traumatic event for them.

Grammy said...

Right, D.G. Thanks for the visit and input!

Anne Marie J. Schlueter said...

Aww, poor kitty! I have five pets...I mean younger siblings...;)