Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Party Time in the Neighborhood

Hey, Y'all,
Well, I have finally almost finished all my Christmas gift making. I am still working on great grandson Roman's quilt. I am still waiting to receive the binding I ordered a week ago. It is supposed to be here today by FedEx. I did get through wrapping all of the Christmas gifts that were ready to wrap. I finished them this morning. I just about ran out of ribbon, though. I thought I had purchased enough the other day, but nope. I have been reduced to scrabbling through old ribbon to finish up. My wrapping techniques leave a lot to be desired, but I think it is what is inside the package that counts, don't you? Don't you hate getting a beautifully wrapped gift and finding the inside doesn't live up to the wrapping? 

Yesterday afternoon, grandson Matt came over and did some cleaning up of viruses on my computer or at least installing a program that does take care of finding and letting me get rid of them. Thank you, Matt! Between him and Son-in-law, Tom, my two computer gurus, my computer stays pretty healthy. 

Last evening I went to Carol and Daryl's annual neighborhood Christmas party that they have been doing for the time they have lived here. This year was 23rd one, I think. There were about 25 people there last evening. (I did not do a head count, but I think that must be about how many were there). Everyone brought snack food, and if anyone left hungry, it had to be their own doing. I took a tray of crackers with some dip in the center. The dip was made of a mixture of Underwood deviled ham, Philly Cream Cheese (Cream cheese with herbs and chives) and some well-chopped pecans. Very simple and quite yummy. Of course, I took pictures and here they are. 

 As you can see, we had people of all ages there at the party.  We had a lot of fun, and did the game where you get to take someone's gift away from them if you like the one they got better than the one you got. 

Just a few more days and the old fellow with the white beard and red suit makes his way around the globe in just one night, leaving gifts for those who have been good this year. Have you been good? I certainly  hope so. 

Well, this is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Teresa and Tom will be here in a few days for a short visit. We look forward to it. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now. More later.


oceangirl said...

Oh what a party. I can feel the joy and more coming! Merry Christmas Ruby.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I could see it was a wonderful get together Ruby,

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like you all had a wonderful time! And you've been very busy making all of those gifts. I know your family is going to treasure them Ruby.
Praying that you have a beautiful, healthy, joy-filled Christmas my friend!
Hugs and love,