Monday, December 12, 2011

Busy Grammy!

Hey, Y'all,
Just to let you know that I am still in the Land of the Living....I have been quite busy making Christmas gifts for great grandchildren and am still on it. I know I have been neglecting you all, but you know how it goes when you have goals to meet. :)

I have also been doing the regular stuff, like spending some time with Andrew and Julia's two little adorable girls, going to Sunday School and Church, choir practice, etc. 

On Saturday, I decided it was time to get out and go to the Artisan Theater, so I called them and got my reserved ticket to see Scrooge, the Musical. It was really quite excellent (as always) and I sat beside a lady named Annie. I spoke with her quite a bit and also with her husband, whose name I did not get. He and I talked about our memories of World War II. Isn't it wonderful how one can meet such interesting people, if we take the time to interact?

I got to spend some Skype time with daughter, Teresa, on Friday and that is always a pleasure. I showed her what I had completed of her grandson, Roman's, quilt that I am making for him. I only had two rows completed at that time and now I have eight rows finished, with just seven to go. I should have that finished by Wednesday. I had to order binding to go around it, because I couldn't find the color I wanted at Hobby Lobby. 

Last evening, I went to see the children at my church perform a musical, and it was delightful. Don't you love to see the little ones appearing onstage? I loved it. You never know what they are going to do instead of what they are supposed to do. So cute! They did not disappoint. We gave them a standing ovation. 

Well, it is 5:30 a.m. and I have been up since 5, and it won't be long before the innards are awake, yelling for food. Ha ha ha. They will just have to wait awhile, because I want to get on with my work. I think I will just kind of hibernate today and get some more stuff out of the way. I hope to get the house cleaned up this weekend. (I can hear it shouting...."YES! YES! IT IS TIME YOU DID!") ha ha ha. I do have clean laundry to fold, floors to sweep up sewing scraps from. I do have a waste basket next to my sewing table, but somehow, all the scraps don't make it into it. Go figure!

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now. More later. 

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welcome to my world of poetry said...

Sorry I am late reading your blog, have got all behind with my comments. Pleased you are getting on with the Christmas Preparations.
Take care especially if you have cold weather.