Friday, October 14, 2011

EEK...The Water Police!

Hey, Y'all,
I have some more pictures to post this morning. I did not have any additional food last evening, no hot chocolate, either. I haven't done anything of any consequence this morning except to make my apple pancakes for breakfast and enjoy them as I read from one of Patricia Cornwell's latest books, "Port Mortuary". It has been a while since I have read one of her books. I just finished reading "The Bean Trees" by Barbara Kingslover. I gave it to the sweet techie that helped me with my stress test so she could read it and either keep it or pass it on to someone else. It is one of those books I bought while in Illinois. 

In Downtown Square
Playing at Kitchen table
Playing Dolls
Ellie likes playing with the green plastic bucket the toy soldiers are kept in.
End of day Family quiet time with Bible Story and prayer
Those are most of the pictures I took while there. This last was not a posed picture. It takes place every evening and I am sure helps everyone stay on an even keel during the days. 

Whitney stays quite busy every day, because along with being a pastor's wife and having those duties, she home-schools their four children. She is a wonder, (and I wonder how she does it), and I love her dearly. They are all very dear to me and I miss them. 

Well, when I took out my trash this morning (I ran out in my nightgown because I didn't want to miss having the trash out in time), I noticed a paper hanging on my front door knob. I looked at it and it apparently had been left early this morning. It was a warning from the water patrol that apparently I had watered my yard on the wrong day. (Who knew I was breaking a watering law?) Not I. Anyhow, we are in a first stage drought and can only water on certain days. I know my yard is watered at around 3 a.m. so that it does the most good. Apparently right now, there are just two particular days that a person can water their yards. I guess they have to get up pretty early in the morning to catch it being watered at 3 a.m. huh? So, it was just a warning. I came in and immediately turned the automatic sprinkling system to off. I don't know how to set the dad-gummed thing, so it will have to be reset by a grandson or my daughter. Oh, well. At least they won't come and fine me $500 a day. That would really hurt, huh?

Well, now to get some of the things done that I intended to do today. Maybe. ha. I just called my family doctor to get the results from my bloodwork I had done almost three weeks ago, and they are going to have to call me back after they check on it. I joked that maybe they were reluctant to call me because maybe I am dying and they don't want to give me the bad news. ha ha. The receptionist laughed like I expected her to. 

You know, I was thinking yesterday while I was watching some of the people at the diagnostic center (I do that a lot - think- I mean) and observing how they have difficulty getting around. Some of them have to use canes and walkers and some have the portable oxygen tanks. Some of them have swollen ankles and have to wear shoes with no back to them. Years ago, they would not still be living. Natural causes would have put them into their graves. Medicine has allowed us to live beyond what would have been the end. Has it improved our quality of life so much? We still die, many times in more suffering than it would have been long ago. Would I want to have a feeding tube in to prolong my life? No, I don't think so. Anyway, this is not the avenue my thinking took yesterday. What I was thinking about is "them" versus "me" and not really putting myself in the category of "those poor people who have a hard time getting around". Yet, I do have some difficulty because of a bad back, but it has been a part of my life almost forever. I am just not to a "walker or cane" stage yet. 

Well, that is enough philosophizing for today. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Bye for now. More later.

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welcome to my world of poetry said...

I do so enjoy looking at your family, family is most importasnt though in my family we;re all scattered about the place and my eldest don't want me in his life.

Have a wonderful weekend.