Saturday, July 17, 2010

Packing the POD

Hey, Y'all,
Well, this morning about 10 a.m. the neighbors came down to begin the packing up of the POD, and soon it was well under way. Not long after we began, Mitchell, the oldest son, got his finger caught in the front door storm door and his mom had to take his place as helping carrier of large pieces of furniture. Mitchell, got the bandaid on his finger and the remote to the tevee in the other hand (up at their house), but we did okay anyway.

About half of the packing was carried out and stowed before they had to quit for the day, because they have other plans for the rest of the day. The house is beginning to look really empty. My beds are still up but I was expecting them to be down by today. I will be using my inflatable mattresses when the beds are packed up.

The mowers are here right now, mowing the yard, and my little tevee is the only one not packed up.

I talked to Carol a few minutes ago, and she is staying with Gramps during the day, to keep him from pulling out his IV, while he is there in the hospital. Bless her heart, I wish I were there to sit with him instead, but things just can't progress any more quickly here. Hopefully, he won't be in the hospital much longer, maybe can leave by sometime Monday.

There are still several items here that have to be put into boxes. I will be doing some of that this evening and tomorrow evening. There are a lot of things left yet to do before I can leave.

It is really lonesome here, sometimes, when the house is quiet, and I look forward to being in Texas where I can have grandkids and great's dropping in sometimes. Well, I finally got the pictures of the POD being unloaded. I hope you enjoy them. I need to go have some supper now. I also need to go to Walmart and get some additional strapping tape for boxing up items.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. More later. Much love to each of you. Bye for now.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Good luck Ruby and safe journey when you travel


Anonymous said...

I know it is hard to leave people that have been in your life for years and been such good friends to you. I hope Gramps gets better from his trip to the emergency room. Good luck with your packing. I have moved a lot in my lifetime and I find that I just throw stuff in boxes and hope for the best. lol. Hope you can enjoy the weekend. Love, prayers, and hugs.

Margie's Musings said...

I always pack carefully and label the boxes so I know what I have in them from which room. I know..I know..I am obsessive compulsive.

Have a nice trip and be careful, Ruby.

Julie said...

Good luck Ruby. The sound of grandbabies will be so good for you. Life hasn't been easy but hopefully this will be wonderful for you. Sorry I've been MIA, just so busy with life. I'm off to read a bit more and see what else is going on. Take care and God Bless!!!