Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun Girl

Hey, Y'all,
Yeah, Fun Girl, that's me. Ha ha. Actually, Friday was a really fun day for me, and I have had several since. On Friday morning, I went to spend some time with Gramps and at 10 a.m. Imazo and her grandson, Tom, came to visit with me and Gramps at the nursing home. Cathy, the occupational therapist, had walked him outside to the tables in the breezeway and I have a picture here to prove it. Soon after they left, I brought Gramps a lunch tray outside so he could eat lunch out there. Then we walked him back inside and he went to bed for his afternoon nap.

I left then to go home and meet with fellow blogger and friend, Clara of "Clara's Corner". She has been one of my longest readers, and we finally got to meet "face to face". It was a wonderful time that we had, and she brought her two grandsons to meet me as well. I made root beer floats, and we enjoyed those, too. Clara had been visiting and caring for her two grandsons in Blaine, while her daughter, Lisa, was gone on a trip. I was so very glad to be able to visit with her and meet her at last.

Later on, after they had left, I did some packing, and got ready to go with Gene and Judy over to Mark and Allie's home in Sevierville. It was Mark's 65th birthday, and Allie had grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, and made chili. Judy brought a delicious cucumber salad, and a homemade salsa. Yum! Also celebrating were Mark and Allie's daughters, Jessie and Rachael, with Jessie's baby, Kyah, and Rachael's friend, John, who turned out to be one of my former students at Alpha. You just never know where you are going to meet up with former students (or teachers, ha). We all had a great time.

On Saturday, while I was at the nursing home, I walked Gramps out to the outdoors, and we sat out there while he ate lunch. Then I walked him back inside and we put him to bed. I left after lunch and went home and had lunch. Later on, I went back to the nursing home and sat with him while he had his supper. I came back home and had my supper. Later in the evening, Scott and Laurie, along with their children took me to a friend's home and we had a great time chatting. There were 18 people there, and the host has a beautiful home on top of a hill. From their huge back deck one can see the mountains ringed about, and after dark we could see fireworks from several different places. It was absolutely breathtaking! They also served a variety of ice creams as we sat there. Earlier in the evening, the eight males there played touch football. I think there were some aching places when they were through. They also have a beautiful boxer dog, named Hershel. He loved playing with the kids as they played with a Frisbee.

Yesterday, at the nursing home, Cathy was getting him dressed and then we walked him outside to the breezeway where the tables are where he often eats lunch. Soon after I brought his lunch tray outside, Tom and Teresa came and we all sat there and had a great time. While we sat there, Cathy came back out to walk Gramps back to his room. So the four of us (Gramps, Cathy, Teresa and I) went back to the room and Tom waited for us. When we got back to the room, Cathy took Gramps to the bathroom and then brought him back out to the room. She had Gramps walk to the sink and wash his hands and teeth. Then she had him turn around to hug Teresa, and he was trying to stand to hug her. Of course, he was grabbing wherever he could to keep standing, and he grabbed at Teresa's behind. Cathy said, "no, put your arms around her and hug her." We got so tickled we bent over double laughing.

After we put him to bed for the afternoon, Tom, Teresa, and I went home and had some lunch. Then they started helping me pack. Man! What a whirlwind! Within a couple of hours they had packed up all Gramps' clothes and cleaned out the drawers in our bedroom. After that, we went through the house taking the pictures off the walls and packed those up. Teresa showed me how to do "Farmville" and said I really need to get to playing it when I get to Texas. I am not sure I want to do that. ha. I still have a few quilts to make, you know, and a lot of blogs to catch up on reading.

After they left, I went on back over to the nursing home to see about Gramps, and saw that he had not gotten up to eat supper, but was eating it in bed. I guess the help was taking Sunday evening easy.

Today, I walked him out to the front for lunch, and his niece, Pam, came to visit us and we talked and visited for quite a while. After he had finished his lunch, our neigbhors came to visit and we kept him awake until about 1:30, which was really great. Mitchell, the oldest child of Scott and Laurie, brought his guitar and played for us. He is very talented, and has taught (and is teaching) himself to play it. We really enjoyed it. Laurie and Gabe helped me take Gramps back inside and we put him to bed. We all left about 2 p.m. and I came home and had lunch. Later I went back and sat with Gramps while he ate his supper. He did not eat a lot of it, and I left him waiting to go back to bed.

Tonight, my neighbors and I had supper (salad, and Domino's pizza) and ice cream for dessert. Then we played "apples to Apples". We had a great time, and after the game they gathered up my bags of trash to carry off for me (they do this quite often for me). I had the guys each choose one of Gramps' cars that he has collected as a memento and the girls each choose one of my collectibles to keep as a memento.

Well, that is a recap of the past few days. Sorry I have not kept up to date on my postings, but I have been kind of busy. Now it is nearly 11 p.m. and my eyes are heavy with sleep. Just a little more than 24 hours and he and I will be on our way to Texas. I still have a lot to do, including packing before we leave.

Well, I have just posted pictures from Friday. Top: Imazo, Tom, and Gramps; second: Clara and me, in my front yard; Third: Mark and his granddaughter, Kyah; last, most of the group who met for his birthday on Friday evening - left to right: Allie, Gene, Mark, Me, Judy, Rachael, and John.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. More later. Much love to each of you, my friends and loved ones. Bye for now.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

My Ruby you have had a busy fun few days, it's lovely to meet fellow bloggers Perhaps when I do eventually get to Nashville next Feb there may be someone I blog with there.
Have a safe journey to Texas.
Take care.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Enjoyed seeing the photos! TN said...

Hi Ruby, I'm back home. Hope everything is going smoothly for you. Take it as easy as humanly possible during this busy time. Thinking of you!

aLmYbNeNr said...

But a GOOD busy! I'm glad you have had such a wonderful past few days. You definitely deserve it.
Now, PLEASE, don't get sucked into Farmville! My mother will not get off that game!!! It is too addictive LOL! I refuse to play it!

Wanda said...

Hi Ruby, glad to see that you enjoyed the past few days. Hope you and Gramps have a safe trip to Texas.

玉苓玉苓 said...


thesouthernlady64 said...

Hi Grammy, I guess you are on your way to Texas by now with Gramps. Hope you have a good and safe trip. So glad that you and Clara got to meet with each other. I know you are both such great people and enjoyed it very much. You sure have been a busy lady. Love and hugs and prayers, Judy