Sunday, February 28, 2010

Embroidery, Anyone?

Hey, Y'all,
Ir is a quiet Sunday morning and as usual, it is quiet in here, except for the television going here in my workroom. I have been up since 7 a.m. and have had my breakfast of hot oatmeal, and am beginning to think about lunch. I have some crab dip in the refrigerator and some fresh apples that I could eat. I'll try not to think of them until after I finish this posting.

For those of you who are not tired to death of hearing about the quilt I have been making for my youngest grandson, I have yet to do the label for it, so that generations to come will be able to look at it and perhaps say, "Who is Grandma Ruby Young?" only to hear that I was their great grandma. After my sewing machine that did embroidery tore up, I am reduced to doing labels by hand embroidery. I learned that craft at the age of 11 or 12 years. It is exciting to think that maybe I can still do so. So, this morning, after I had started my oatmeal, I got out a piece of cloth for the label, and got a piece of notebook paper, a piece of tracing paper, and wrote out the letters the way I wanted them on the notebook paper. Then I traced them onto the thin tracing paper, and placed it under the cloth. I put them into the embroidery hoop, and began the stitching.

By that time, my oatmeal was ready to eat, and of course, I read as I ate, and then decided it was time to get online and check my e-mail and facebook, and chat with my daughter, Teresa. So, here it is, 3 hours or so later, and I will probably finish (or try to) the label for the quilt. I will publish pictures of the quilt after my grandson has his quilt. Maybe a month from now. After today you won't hear anymore about it until he has it in his possession. I promise.

When we went to Knoxville yesterday, I took Imazo to her hair appointment before we all went to lunch. I had opportunity to meet a very interesting lady named Barbara. Isn't it wonderful how a person can meet so many lovely people? Of course, as you may know, I have never met a stranger who remained a stranger for long. This lady is living with an ungrateful son, who wants to charge her rent for letting her stay with him. She says he has not any problem with money (except keeping all he has and wanting more). She is living on social security and less than a thousand dollars a month. Barbara is looking for housing that will allow her to keep her four cats who are all quite old, and she doesn't want to have them euthanized. So she does have quite a problem. Not only does he want to charge her rent, he is quite rude to her. Barbara is very busy looking for a place to live. She has a sparkling personality and has had quite an interesting life. She had been letting her hair grow out so that she could donate it to a place that uses hair to make wigs for people who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment. Isn't that a lovely unselfish thing to do? Please help me to pray that she will find a good place for her and her cats to live. Thanks.

Tomorrow is Monday, and we will be having our neighbors down to eat with us again. How very much we enjoy that! It is wonderful to have young people in our home. I am planning on making some date-nut bread for dessert Monday evening. We will be having salad and home-made pizza. I intend to make the pizza sauce this afternoon after I have my lunch and also the date nut bread will be made sometime today as well.

We had a great time yesterday in Knoxville. We went to Cracker Barrel of course, and all four of us had breakfast for lunch. Yum! Later, we went back to Imazo's and watched a movie called Indigo Child. It was quite interesting as well as enjoyable. We came back home and later in the day, I opened a can of soup for Gramps and heated his evening coffee.

Around 8 p.m., my friend, Ina Ray, stopped by and we visited for a couple of hours. It is always wonderful to visit with her. She brings so much sunshine into my life and we just share stories of what has been happening since we last saw each other.

Well, that is about it for today. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Much love to each of you. Bye for now. More later.

5 comments: TN said...

Hi Grammy. Please send a picture of the quilt when you can. I know it is lovely. What are you going to work on now? I always keep something going. Right now I am knitting a scarf for a Christmas gift next year. To whom....I don't know. You were talking about oatmeal and it made me want some. I think that is what I will eat tonight.

Anonymous said...

Hi Grammy, I surely hope Barbara finds a place to live away from that ungrateful son of hers. I used to do embroidery by hand when I was very young. I had not thought about that in years and don't know if I still could do it or not. I don't have much patience when it comes to stuff like that. I know your quilt is going to be just beautiful and it looks like we are all awaiting a picture!

Barbara said...

Well here it is Monday morn.The 1st day of March.For us it is a
anniversary,the 52nd year can not beleive it sometimes.A lot of years have passed by for sure.
have a great day//they say snow again tomorrow,you all may get it,but we probably won't.we will get rain I guess.Love Barbara

Serbian Mink said...


i'm interested in obtaining your recipe for pizza it thin or thick style?


Barbara said...

Hey,we did get snow yesterday.It was beautiful while it lasted.Imazo said she got some and you also.Now is it over???,I guess it is gone by now,it is here almost.But not quite all gone.