Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Hey, Y'all,
Wishing each of you, my friends, family and all a Happy Heart-healthy day. We had some flurries while ago, but nothing to get excited over. It flew around a little and then quit. It has been a very quiet day.Gramps spent a major portion of the morning in bed and is watching the Winter Olympics. They do nothing for me, so I won't be doing any reporting on them.

I am planning on making a chocolate cream pie after while and then cleaning up the kitchen. I have been on my computer quite a bit today and of course am still lounging around in my gown and housecoat. Nobody cares what we wear on days when no one is coming in. Suits me just fine.

We had a really fun time yesterday with our neighbors. They came down and we had snacks and watched the movie, "Madison", which Gramps watched with my sister in law, Mae, while I took Imazo to the grocery store a few weeks ago. You may remember, I told about leaving the volume turned up, not realizing how loud it was and when we came back they told us that they couldn't figure out how to turn it down, and it near drove them nuts. At the end of the movie, there is a boat race and it was realllllly loud. Poor they!

For supper tomorrow I am planning on barbeque pork loin, corn pudding, spinach salad, yeast rolls, and chocolate pie. Yum! The pork loin will be put into the crock pot in the morning, and the corn pudding and rolls will cook at the same time, to be done when they arrive.

Well, not much else shaking around here, so this is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Much love to each of you. More later, bye for now.


Barbara said...

I hope you all are having a good week,and hope you are both well.Don't like this cold weather,can't wait till poor flowers are trying to grow,but it is a slow go.have a good evening,maybe we will get some sunshine soon.don't sound like much.Love Barbara TN said...

Hi Grammy, I don't like this cold weather either. The only thing I can think of is "Let It Thaw, Let It Thaw, Let It Thaw."