Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back Home Again

Hi Everyone -

This is Teresa writing for Mom because she doesn't have internet access yet at the assisted living place where they are currently residing. I haven't seen it yet but she says it is a very nice and clean facility. The place where they are located is called The Terrace Estates in Morristown. She says that she and Gramps are living in 'close communion' with each other because they are living in a room that is designed for one instead of two. If a larger room becomes available, they will be moving to a larger room. Right now she states that they are living it up on the hill on their 30 day vacation. It really does sound like a very nice place. She said they even have a piano in one of the common rooms.

She is in some pain because they changed her dressing today (which consists of removing the internal bandages and then packing them back in) and the pain medication that they gave her is not as effective as what they were giving her in the hospital. She says Dub is very happy that she is back and when I talked with her he was sitting and reading his bible and seemed to be content. Well...just wanted everyone to know she got back home safe and sound and has been deposited in the assisted living facility to take a break from trying to care for herself. Yeah for Carol and Ally for setting it up for them!!

She will be getting access again soon and will be back to being Blabbin' Grammy! Thanks to everyone for all the thoughts and prayers. We know your prayers are getting her through this very difficult summer.


Barbara said...

Thanks Teresa, Hope you can keep us up to date on Ruby until she can get online.I sure hope whatever they did this time will work and she can get well.I feel for her.She is such a sweet lady. TN said...

Thanks Teresa for the update. I have been wondering about her and still saying prayers for her everyday.