Monday, February 18, 2013

The Search

In just about every home all over the country, a search is either in progress or has just been launched. Why, you ask. Well, just think about how often people are heading out the door to go somewhere, or needing to call or text someone. Misplaced your car keys recently or laid down your cell phone and couldn't find them?
At about 10:30 last night, I began the search for my cell phone. Since I have no land line, it is important that I keep track of the cell phone, since I could need it at any time because of poor health. Unlike many people, I am not tethered to it. After searching through the house three times, I located it  and plugged it up to the charger.
As for my car keys, I solved that problem many years ago. I have a hook near the door that I place them on my way in the door as soon as I come in.
What have you searched for recently?


Anonymous said...

It's usually my glasses and nine times out of ten they're on my face.

Unknown said...

My mind. LOL The kids are totally in their own home now. We are getting ours back to normal also. You would not have believed the disarray of my house before they moved out. Hope you're having a great week!