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Hey, Y'all,
Hannah is the one in the green shirt, holding her little cousin
Just wanted to wish my dear little great granddaughter, Hannah, a happy birthday! I love you, Hannah!

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Cardiologist's Report

Hey, y'all, 
This is just a note to family and friends who are interested...wanted to give you an update after seeing my cardiologist...I seem to be doing okay...echo cardiogram turned out more or less same as last one. Pace maker is still doing about 50% of my heartbeats which is in normal range. He told me to just pace myself and only do what I feel like doing. (That suits me, all right) The aortic valve seems like it might be a little narrower but not appreciably. He says these echos are not completely reliable. If it goes down to say .7 millimeter we might have to do something. Sounds like he might agree with what Dr. Kelly said three years ago..."She's a walking time bomb. ha." As Brenda Lee Johnson of "The Closer" says, "time is passing, tick tock, tick tock. 
Lost my credit card again today...just can't seem to keep that little piece of plastic where it's supposed to be. Must have pulled it out of my dress pocket when I got my keys out to unlock my car, or maybe, just left it on the cashier's stand. Anyway, I have called and cancelled it. No charges after mine were on it. No harm, no foul. 
Tha-tha-tha-that's all folks. :)


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Happy Birthday Celebration with Amy

Hey, Y'all, 
Well, today is a break day from A to Z and I wanted to take the opportunity to share some pictures of our time spent with grand-daughter, Amy. She and Matthew came over to Carol and Daryl's home where we had yummy sandwiches prepared by my daughter, Carol, (Matt's mom), and then we had ice cream and cake for dessert. Grandson, Matt, made the sourdough bread for the sandwiches. 

I made the pictures of Matt and Amy for my blog and also for my family photos kept on my 'puter. For many years I have been the family photographer and have quite a few on it. 

This has been a  busy week for me, with an appointment kept with my eye surgeon who has turned me loose to have new prescriptions for my eyeglasses. As you may know, I have had Lasik surgery on each eye to remove scar tissue from previous cataract surgery, and my sight is much improved. (Praise God and a good surgeon!)

This week I have appointments with my podiatrist, my family doctor and my cardiologist. I reckon by the end of the week, I should be thinking I'm either in tip top condition or ready for one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Ha ha ha. 

Here are the pictures:
Grandson Matt and Wife, Amy (ain't they cute?)
Presenting the cake to Amy (all lit up, the cake, not Amy)
Happy 25th Birthday
 Ah, wouldn't it be lovely to be 25 again? I'd have 54 years ahead of me. :)

Anyway, it was a great time and we watched an episode of "Sherlock Holmes" the modern version that is a BBC production, and enjoyed the time together. We really missed the family that was not there. Love  to all of you.

Thanks to all of my blogger friends reading my posts, and all the support you are giving me. See you on Monday! A to Z continues then. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for today. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now. More later. 

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Sleuthin' Sidekicks

Story from beginning.

Anna Belle

Secrets can be dangerous. Everybody has secrets...things they don't share with others. I know several secrets that I shouldn't. If someone else was aware that I knew what has happened, I would be in grave danger. (I do mean grave, because that is where I would wind up.)

This morning when I awakened, I got up from the doorway where I had been trying to rest and folded my blanket, then placed it in my folding cart. Yes, I live on the streets of a midsized town in the southern United States. People call me AnnaBee but my given name is Anna Belle. I do okay for someone with no money or financial means. 

If you were to see me walking along the streets pushing my cart in front of me, I would not be very noticeable at all. I would just appear to be another homeless street person. You would see a little old skinny lady with white hair, wearing a pair of blue jeans, with a denim shirt and a jaunty billed cap to keep the sun out of her eyes. Sneakers and socks keep her bare feet off the pavement. If you were to look into her face, you would see snappy blue eyes, and a mouth that crinkles when she smiles. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I have quite a few friends among the people I see daily and I'll tell you more about them later. Right now I am on my way to find bathroom facilities. You know, keeping anonymous on the streets is a talent and one way to do so is not to appear dirty and unkempt. There are several places that I can use for this purpose. Service stations have public restrooms, and so does the bus terminal. I know them all.