Friday, May 2, 2014

THE Week That Was

Well, as you may be aware of, I have had a bad week, but interesting,to say the very least. Last Friday, I had been suffering from an infection in my blood, (not contagious) and my daughter had come to take me for a Dr.'s visit. When she came I was near unconsciousness, so she called 911. I thank God she happened to come when she did. 

Come to find out, the sodium content in my blood was in a dangerously low condition. So, I became a patient for the following six days and returned home only yesterday afternoon. I came home to a sparkling clean house, thanks to several people, including daughter, Carol, who did my laundry and many other things.

Tomorrow - Some of the events that took place while I lay abed. 


Anonymous said...

So glad you are home again and starting to feel better. We can all join with you in thanking God your daughter came in the nick of time. It's a tough way to get a house cleaning done though.

Barbara said...

so glad you are feeling better.

Barbara said...

Hope you continue to improve,take care.

Arlee Bird said...

Glad you made it through that ordeal. My mother recently came home after a couple months in the hospital and rehab. It was a scary time, but she bounced back and is home again and sounds rarin' to go.

A blood infection sounds pretty scary.

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