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What's Happening

Hey, Y'all
Yeah, it's me, Grammy... I have enjoyed writing the story of Anna Belle and Lucy along with the other characters, and am taking a  two week break from that story, but will return to my writing about them then. For the next couple of  weeks, it'll just be me writing about what is going on in my life.

I'm doing a lot of quilting still, and am having a great time with my friends at church. I am also doing some editing of my ongoing fiction. Along with that, I have written a fictional short story to enter into a contest at the local library. I hope I get at least an "honorable mention". That would be nice. 

Yesterday, I placed a bouquet in my church sanctuary in memory of Dubby. It was a beautiful arrangement of yellow mums and some kind of purple flowers. A friend of mine at church did the arrangement for me. 

Each Thursday evening, some of my friends at church come and have supper with me at my house and we play dominoes. Great fun!

A couple of weekends from now, the seniors will be meeting at church for a potluck luncheon (we do that once a month) and we have a program. I will be doing the program this time by telling some Native American Folk tales, like I used to do about twenty years ago at the Indian Pow-wows and at schools. 

I have to review them so I can remember them well enough to tell them again. 

I've been teaching quilting to a couple of little girls who belong to my family doctor. They are 8 and 9 years old and adorable children. They have almost finished the doll quilts that they are making. She will be calling me sometime to set up the time for her to bring them back. They are quite busy with a lot of activities during the summer. 

Well, I hear my name being called... Ha ha... It is breakfast, and it's my tummy that is calling for me. It says, "Good grief, woman! You've been up for three hours and haven't fed me yet! LOL.

This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. Bye for now. More later.        

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lucy's Dilemma (continued - Day Fifty)

"Well, AnnieBee, I think we can close the books on that one, because she has taken a plea deal, and is going away for life without parole. She is a blackmailer and a murderer, and has no real hope of getting out. She's also been declared a little nuttier than a fruitcake. She'll feel right at home with all the inmates where she's gone. You'll never have to worry about her again."

"Whew! Now that is one big relief, Lieutenant. Ain't it, Jackie?"

"Oh, yeah, it sure is! Say, Lieutenant, guess what? I'm goin' ta be workin' at my Uncle Hank's Body Shop later on this week! An' he's goin' ta be payin' me, too! Annie's goin' ta' be keepin' some books for him while I'm workin'. Ain't that excitin'?"

Turning to me, Lieutenant Shannon had a look of true concern on his face. "Oh, really??? AnnieBee, are you sure you all want to do that? Do you really know anything about Hank Jones? After all, his shop is in a rough part of town. Do you think it's going to be safe for you and Clancy? Have you really thought this through?"

I could tell something was not quite sitting well with him; why would this worry him? After all, he knew I walked quite often through that neighborhood, picking up bottles and cans. what did he know that I didn't know?

Smiling at him, I kidded him a little... "Now, Looie, don't get'cher pants in a twist; there ain't nothin' gonna happen ta us. You know we can take keer of ourselves, don't cha? Are ya thinkin' that we're gonna run inta a bunch a thieves 'er somethin'?"

"Just promise me you'll all be careful; keep your eyes open and if you see or notice anything that doesn't seem quite right, let me know at once. I'm going to give you a disposable cell phone to keep with you while you're working there. Anything suspicious that you see, call me. My number will be programmed into it. Okay?" He reached into the desk where Sgt. Hamilton was working, and pulled out a cell phone.

Oh, my! I could see he was truly serious about it; so, taking the cell phone, along with a charger, I promised him we would keep our eyes open. I thanked him for his concern and he gave me a hug. Wow! What were Jackie and I walking into, anyway? I hugged him back, and he congratulated us on our new jobs, cautioning me to keep the phone charged up, then, after patting Clancy on the head,  he walked back upstairs.

What was that all about, I wondered...

We left the station after telling Sgt. Hamilton goodbye; still we were wondering about the Looie's strange admonitions. 

"AnnieBee, didn't the Lieutenant seem kinda strange the way he was takin' on about us workin' fer my uncle? I reckon we won't be tellin' my uncle about the cell phone, will we?"

"No, Jackie, definitely not. Somethin' is goin' on in Lt. Shannon's head, fer shure, and that means we're gonna have ta keep our eyes open while we're there. Mum's the word, my boy, mum's the word."

We were heading back in the direction of the hospital. I wanted to see if Lucy had seen Melvin yet. Surely, by now he had been there and gone. Hopefully, we wouldn't run into him. 

Sure enough, by the time we got there, he had been there and left. When we walked into Lucy's room, she looked at us and smiled. I could tell she was feeling much better. I picked up Clancy and carried him over to her bed. Sitting down in the chair next to her, and holding Clancy on my lap, I said, "Well? Ya look better. Did ya have a little chat with Melvin, then? I know I'm bein' nosy, but ya are my good friend, and I want ta hear how it went with him, if you're willin' ta share."

"Yes, AnnaBelle, it went real well. I told him that I wanted ta come home with him and recuperate there. I want ta get ta know my grandkids and fer them ta get ta know me, so's they'll learn that jist cause I'm a street person, that don't mean that I'm worthless. Then I aim ta come back out and live like I wanta live. If he tries ta have me committed, I'm takin' HIM ta court! I don't have ta live in fear of what he might decide ta do. In addition ta that, when I wanta come 'n' see my grandkids, I'm gonna come 'n' see 'em. That's what I told him."

I knew my mouth was hanging open, so I shut it and just looked at her in amazement. I had never known my friend, in the three years we had been friends, to ever speak up like that. Then I began clapping my hands. 

"Good fer you! I wish I coulda seen it! What did he say?"

"He said, 'yes, ma'am', jist like I taught him to, when he was a little boy," she smiled.

I hugged my friend, and then I saw her door open. The orderly was bringing her lunch tray in. When he saw me and Cookie Jack, he said he had a couple of extra trays that belonged to people who had gone home that morning and would we like to have them. I replied that would be wonderful. So he returned with them. 

Cookie Jack, Lucy Mae, and I, dug in and had a really good lunch. I slipped some to Clancy, so he wouldn't feel left out. 

"Say, this is like a real celebration dinner, ain't it?" Cookie Jack remarked. Clancy yipped a "yes" and we all laughed.Things were definitely looking up for us.
(END OF SEGMENT) Be watching for upcoming segment called, "Cookie Jack's Adventure"   

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lucy's Dilemma (continued - Day Forty-nine)

Jackie was real excited when we left and I wondered what had happened while I was talking to his uncle. I told him we would be coming back in a couple of days to work for his uncle. He informed me that his cousins tried to bully him around, but he stood up to them. My goodness, I was so very proud of him and told him so. I asked him what had changed.

"Well, AnnieBee, I took a look at myself in the mirror this morning, and gave myself a pep talk. I looked at how tall I am and how big my body is, with broad shoulders and muscles in my arms and I just decided I could take them on, at least one at a time, and maybe both of them at once if I needed to. Ya know, they are not any bigger than I am."

I nearly fell over, I was that surprised by his answer... and proud! My Jackie was maturing (and about time) in his thinking. I suppose with all the stuff that had happened in his life, it was making him take a long look at his life and where it was heading. He certainly was not dumb, even though he gave that appearance. His naivete made people think he didn't have much in the upstairs to work with, but be not fooled, my friends; he was quite quite intelligent. I was just beginning myself, to see how smart he was. 

"That is wonderful, Jackie, my boy! I am so glad ya finally realized that ya don't have ta let them bully ya around! Good for you!" Now let's go share your good news with Pastor Joe and we might even stop in and see Lieutenant Shannon on our way. Come along, Clancy! We need ta make tracks!"

Clancy trotted along beside us and every once in awhile he would run over to the trees along the way and sprinkle them generously, then run back to us. I kept him on a long enough leash, so he could feel kinda free. It wasn't long enough for him to get run over by a car, though. I couldn't stand it to lose my little buddy.

The day was a little cloudy, but warm, and it looked like more rain might be in the offing. After all, it was summer in the South and rain was always a real possibility. Looking up at the sky, I noted the low clouds over to the west. We quite often got our rain after it hit some of those states. 

"We'd better get a move on, Jackie, who knows when the rain might begin ta drizzle on us."

We hurried on and soon reached the police station. I was curious to see how the case Jackie had been involved in was coming along. We went up the steps and into the station. Walking over to the desk, I hailed the sergeant on duty. 

"Hey, Sgt.  Hamilton, how's it goin'? Caught any criminals today? Oh, I reckon you can't since you're stuck behind that desk. Ha. Jist a jokin', don't cha know! Is Lieutenant Shannon in or is he out on a call?"

"Hi, AnnieBee, hello, Jackie. Yeah, he's upstairs; I'll call up and see if he can talk to you right now. He's with somebody else." Picking up the phone, he buzzed the Lieutenant's office. "There's some citizens down here wanting to see ya, Lieutenant. Yeah, you know who is champin' at the bit to talk to ya. Okay, I'll give him time to get out before I send 'em up." 

Sgt. Hamilton stood up and looked over the edge of the desk. "Hey, Clancy. Ya caught any criminals lately? Ha ha!" 

Clancy just looked up at him and yipped. 

I was wondering who the Lieutenant had been talking to that he didn't want us to see. Must be one of his undercover men; I figure whoever it was would be going out the back door into the alleyway. Oh well, it couldn't concern us, anyway.

We heard footsteps coming down the stairway. The Looie came around the corner and said, "What can I do for you all? AnnaBelle, you recovered from your 'undercover' work? You look a little rested up from what your protective replacement reported to me this morning. She said you looked like you'd been pulled through a knothole."

"Well, I ain't as young as I useta' be, ya know," I grinned. "But I'm doin' okay, now, I reckon. We was wantin' ta know about the case against Gloria Simmons. When is it goin' ta trial?" (to be continued)

Friday, July 27, 2012

In Memory of Walter B. Young (Dubby)

Hey, Y'all,
This is Grammy the person, not the writer, speaking now. Just two years ago today, my sweet Walter passed on from this world into the next. I don't want to be maudlin, but just to remember him here today. 

He was not perfect, of course; none of us are, but he was my sweetie pie, and we all miss him. His grandchildren called him Grandpa or Gramps; his stepchildren called him Dad; and I called him Honey, his birth family called him Dubby or Uncle Dubby; his sisters-in-law and brother's in law called him Dub. 

Now, you are wondering, where in the world did the name Dub come from...It is an abbreviation of the letter W or the initials of his name W.B., as though one started to say "W" and stopped at the first half of the letter W. Got it? 

What kind of fella was he? Kind, gentle, easy-going, stubborn when he felt he was right, a man of high principles; most of all, he loved his Lord. He loved me, and was a family man. 

Here are a few pictures of him.

Dubby, me, daughter Carol, granddaughter Emily

Us with some of great grands
With Friends, Mark, Allie, and Jennifer
My brother Hugh, His wife Imazo, our sister-in-law Mae, and Dubby
Picture from our 25th Anniversary with daughters, Carol and Teresa

Dub with his sister Bonnie, nieces Donna, Terri, and Bonnie shortly before his passing

Quality of some of these pictures is somewhat poor, but a person has to go with what they have, don't cha know?

One more pic, Dubby with sister-in-law, Mae, at her 90th birthday celebration.

He really looked dapper when he dressed up, didn't he? He loved to dress up when he could. He grew up poor and enjoyed looking like a million dollars. 

Well, that's it for today, folks. Love to all of you, my friends and family. Bye for now, more later. This is Grammy signing off for today. Have a great day!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lucy's Dilemma (continued - Day Forty-eight)

"I want to see my son; we need ta talk. I've asked the nurses to call him for me. He should be here pretty soon. It's time for him ta face the music and jist explain ta me what was in his head over the past few months. He's got things to account ta me for, and he needs ta do it today."

"Wow!" I thought. This was a different Lucy than I had seen before. She was going to make Melvin defend his actions. This should be really good! Was I going to get to see it take place? My mouth almost drooled at the thought of it, but I knew it would be in really bad taste to stay and watch. She would surely tell me the outcome later on, I hoped. 

"Would you like to be alone with Melvin, or should I stay and make sure no harm comes to you?"

"No, you had better go, my friend, because there are things I really need to say to him privately. But thanks for offering to stay; he won't hurt me physically, and I can deal with anything he might have to say to me. It would be nice if you could come back later on today, though, so you and I can talk."

Well, I reckon I would just have to wait until later to find out what she had to tell me. I had a feeling that Old Melvin was going to get a raking over the coals like he'd never had before. Ha. 

In the meantime, Jackie was chomping at the bit to go see his Uncle Hank. So, after giving Lucy a hug and a pat on the hand, we left for the other side of town. 

Jones and Sons Body Shop was on the outskirts of town, not too far from the city dump. It was not in what you would exactly term a great neighborhood and I sure wouldn't want to be walking through it in a late evening. It was out where the noise from banging on metal would not bother anyone.

As we entered the shop, Hank was in his office and his two sons were lounging around the coke machine. Let's see now... what were their names??? Oh, yeah, Mickey and Mike, the twin terrors looked like they were ready to rumble. They stood up and strolled over toward us. 

"Hey,  little Cousin... How's it a-going, anyway? Have ya come ta work? Haw, haw, haw!" This came from Mickey as he punched Jackie on the shoulder. 

Jackie just grinned and rubbed his shoulder. I knew it had to hurt. I also knew Jackie had to start standing up for himself. I couldn't do it for him. I was going to have to give him a pep talk. I realized I should have already done so. My bad! Well, we needed first to see if Jackie and I could get Hank to agree to our proposal. I went into the office and left Jackie with "the boys".

"Hello, Miz Anna Belle, how are you doin' today? Say, is your friend feelin' better? I hope so; she seemed like a nice lady the day you all came over."

"Yes, thank ya, Mr. Jones. She got the flow'rs you sent and she was right pleased with 'em. The reason that me 'n' Jackie came over ta see ya today is that we'd kinda like ta work for ya a few hours a week, maybe three hours each day. We wouldn't want a lot 'a pay for it. I can do books, 'cause I kept my husband's account books when he wuz in bizness, and kept 'em good. They always balanced and he depended on me. I'd not want more than maybe twenty dollars a week. It'd be enough to where I wouldn't have ta get out every day and hunt for bottles and cans ta sell. I'd have enough that way ta keep my laundry done, and maybe have a cup of coffee when I was out and about. As you know, Jackie is real good with motors, and he'd be worth a lot more. He would jist work when I wuz here, because he kinda looks out for me when we're out travelin' around, don't cha know... I figger he would be worth at least fifteen dollars an hour, and that'd be a bargain. I see ya got lots a cars in the shop that look like they need workin' on."

"Well, I don't know, Mz. Anna Belle... fifteen an hour seems like an awful lot. Tell you what, let's make it twelve, fifty an hour and you got a deal. Of course, I'll have to take FICA and Social Security outta his wages, so he'll only be gettin' about ten an hour take home. That's a lot for somebody that don't know anything about managing money. Are you goin' to be helpin' him with that?"

"Oh, yes, you'd better believe it! Don't worry about it. Me 'n' Jackie'll work it all out," I replied. "Why don't I take a look at your books right now. I'll see what kind of a system you use."

"Er... uh... why don't we just wait until later this week. I have some place I have to be in a few minutes, and I need to take the boys with me. We... uh... we have an appointment to keep. Okay?" 

"Well, sure... we'll see you day after tomorrow, then. We'll be here around nine a.m. after breakfast. Do you have a uniform for Jackie, so's he don't get grease on his clothes?"

"Yeah, he's about the same size as my boys; I'll get one from the closet for him. Here you go." 

Hank Jones handed me a clean uniform and I called out to Jackie that we had to go. Jackie came out of the work area, looking a little bit frazzled, but smiling. (To be continued)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lucy's Dilemma (continued - Day Forty-seven)

Lucy's room was a riot of colors... flowers were everywhere. She was sitting up in bed, eating breakfast, with a police woman sitting in the chair beside her. Where had all the flowers come from? 

Cookie Jack said, "AnnieBee, look at that! I've never seen so many flowers in one place before except in a garden. Who sent them all? Lucy, you're sittin' up! You're all better!"

Going over to Lucy Mae, I hugged her and the policewoman got up and gave me her chair so I could sit close to Lucy. It was a different policewoman than Patricia that I met the day before. She smiled at me and nodded her head to indicate that she recognized me. Jackie was accepted as a visitor because he came with me.

Lucy looked at me, sadly, acknowledging without speaking that she knew what Marci had done, and had accepted it. My heart was breaking for my friend, but I put on a smile and asked how she was doing. 

"I'm doin' all right, AnnaBelle, it's hard ta take, my son bein' married ta such a woman, and him bein' such a weaklin', lettin' her run his life the way she did. I reckon maybe part of it is my doin', I could jist never say no ta anything he wanted when he was growin' up. Me 'n' his dad would try ta get him whatever he asked for, even if it meant scrimpin' and savin' ta do it. We sent him to college and university without him havin' ta get a job, and help hisself through school. We wanted him ta have all the advantages. Now look at him... look at me... it makes me wonder how different things woulda been, if he'd been made ta do more for hisself. He might not 'a' picked out a woman like he did, and I wouldn't a' been out on the streets fendin' for myself."

"I reckon maybe you're right, my friend. I sure don't know what I'd a done, though, without you as my good buddy. I probably never would 'a' met ya if things had been different. I know that things happen fer a reason, maybe we jist never will know, but we do know that God is in control of the universe, and He's takin' care of us. I'm so grateful that you are feelin' better. Don't be so hard on yerself! Hindsight is always better than foresight, don't cha know? Now, I wanta look at all these flowers and see who sent 'em to ya."

I got up and wandered around the room, thinkin' about how Lucy must have found out about Marci. Ah! I'll bet our talkative nurse friend, Flora,  had been up to see Lucy. I figure she didn't know that Lucy was supposed to be kept in the dark, figuratively. I was glad to see that she was being kept literally in a dimmed room as well, since her eyes were going to be sensitive to light for several days to come.

Looking at the cards on the flowers, I saw that several were from her son and grandchildren. Also there were flowers from Pastor Joe, and, surprisingly, Jackie's Uncle Hank had sent some as well. There was a bouquet from Lieutenant Shannon and the guys down at the station house. Oh my goodness! A small bouquet from the people down at the Mission was there. They had put their pennies and nickels, and other coins together and bought it for their friend, Lucy. There was another set of flowers from Sherri Gambini, the attorney.

With tears flowing down my cheeks, I went over to Lucy Mae, and asked, "Can you doubt how much you are loved, when you look at this outpourin' of affection evidenced by all these flowers, my friend?" I hugged her, and watched her face change from sadness to one of joy.

"I jist couldn't believe it when I seen all them flow'rs comin' in fer me, AnnieBee! I thought there had ta be a mistake!"

"Oh, it's no mistake, Lucy! Never doubt that you are loved! Now, we gotta get you better and outta this place. I miss havin' my buddy with me n' Clancy, here." Clancy looked up at Lucy and yipped.

Lucy reached down and patted him on the head. "It seems like I been in here forever, ya' know!"

"I miss ya, too, Lucy Mae," spoke up Jackie. "We took up a collection yesterday down at the Mission, 'n' almost everybody gave some money ta' send ya flowers. We wuz really worried about ya, cause we all know how drugs can kill a body, since we seen lotsa people die from 'em. We're jist glad ta see ya gettin' better!"

(To be continued)

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Red Letter Day - Happy Birthday, Noah! Happy Birthday to Ben Thompson!

Hey, Y'all,
Here is a pic of Noah from facebook
Today is the birthday of my great grandson, Noah! A little bit about Noah... His mom and dad are Whitney and Daniel. He loves to clown around, but has such a loving heart. He also loves Star Wars and dressing like Darth Vader. Here is a picture of Noah with his brother and sisters.

Noah is third from the left

Finally, here is a pic of Noah in his Darth Vader mask standing on the stairway slightly above his grandma, Carol, and Grandpa, Daryl, back in January.
Happy Birthday, Noah! I love you! Isn't it great to have two birthday's so close together as Noah's and sister, Ellie's? If you remember, they celebrated Ellie's birthday just ten days ago. A most happy family they are! Love to all. Grammy.

We are celebrating, as well, Ben Thompson's birthday. He is my grandson by marriage, married to granddaughter, Emily. Here is a picture of Ben and Emily. 

I believe this was taken in March of  this year. 
We are so happy to have Ben as a part of our family! I love you, grandson! Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday, Ellie!

Hey, Y'all,
Ellie is the one in orange directly facing the camera.
This is a RED-Letter day in my great granddaughter, Ellie's, life. She is six years old today! Happy Birthday, Ellie! I love you!  

I found the picture in my files and it was taken back in March when the whole family was together. 


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