Sunday, July 22, 2012

Red Letter Day - Happy Birthday, Noah! Happy Birthday to Ben Thompson!

Hey, Y'all,
Here is a pic of Noah from facebook
Today is the birthday of my great grandson, Noah! A little bit about Noah... His mom and dad are Whitney and Daniel. He loves to clown around, but has such a loving heart. He also loves Star Wars and dressing like Darth Vader. Here is a picture of Noah with his brother and sisters.

Noah is third from the left

Finally, here is a pic of Noah in his Darth Vader mask standing on the stairway slightly above his grandma, Carol, and Grandpa, Daryl, back in January.
Happy Birthday, Noah! I love you! Isn't it great to have two birthday's so close together as Noah's and sister, Ellie's? If you remember, they celebrated Ellie's birthday just ten days ago. A most happy family they are! Love to all. Grammy.

We are celebrating, as well, Ben Thompson's birthday. He is my grandson by marriage, married to granddaughter, Emily. Here is a picture of Ben and Emily. 

I believe this was taken in March of  this year. 
We are so happy to have Ben as a part of our family! I love you, grandson! Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Noah and Ben.

Grammy said...

Thank you!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Happy birthday to Noah and Ben. I like the Darth Vader outfit.