Monday, February 7, 2011

Just Stuff

Hey, Y'all,
Well, I'm just a sittin' around here, cogitatin' on the past several days. I don't have cabin fever, although I have not been out for a week, except to run down (slowly) the driveway to the mailbox, to pick up the mail, most of which wasn't worth leaving the house. Ha. I have been doing some recreational reading, some of which was really spooky. Which I will tell you about presently.

Carol has been in a couple of times, once to have lunch with me, and that was quite pleasant. I've been watching quite a bit of television, as I worked on my computer, catching up on financial work, getting ready for Teresa to do my income tax return. Ugh!

Saturday morning, I decided I would do some laundry, so I go in to the laundry room to do my first load, and lo and behold! the water did not start running when I turned it on. OH NO! I thought...frozen pipes. I immediately called Carol and got Daryl. He sent Carol over with a trouble light to warm the pipes, and before she got here, the water had begun running into the washer. So, that problem was solved and she could take the light with her. I had no problem with any of the other pipes in the house. I had left the one in the kitchen sink on a slow drip during the coldest hours, and also left the cabinet doors under the sink open so that they could have warm air circulating around them. Instead of letting the water drip into the sink, I let it drip into a clean container, and used it for drinking, making coffee, etc. I just can't stand to waste good water, can you? Especially when you think of all the places in the world that people are without clean water.

By yesterday afternoon, all the places where we have had snow were cleared up, I am sure, but on Tuesday night, we are expecting more snow. That means I will not be driving to the Bible Study which is about ten miles from here. No way, Jose!

Now, as for the spooky book I was reading and couldn't put down because I wanted to see if the monster got killed at the end of the book. I can't tell you because if you decided to read it, it would spoil it for you. The book is reminiscent of Cudjo by Stephen King. The book I was reading is one I downloaded onto my Sony e reader. It is called "Hawg" and is by Steven Shrewsbury. After finishing the book, I read some of the titles of his other books. Apparently he is the author of several other books in the same genre. I have a great imagination, and when I read, I visualize what I am reading. It so impressed my mental visualization, I had nightmares about it. Whew!
I need to read extra chapters from the Good Book to get rid of those pictures. I also need to be more discerning and stop reading when I realize what kind of fiction I am reading.

Teresa is doing well, and hopes to be going back to work on this Friday. I thank God that she is recovering her strength and ability to do stuff again. I know she is happy to be getting better. Thank you, Tom, too, for your wonderful care of her during all this. I love you both.

I am so glad the Super Bowl is over with. It was a lot of hype, and a big to-do, and I hope your team won. Personally, I didn't care. I know a lot of people who work in the Arlington area where the stadium is located, are most likely very happy to be getting the streets open for use again. Also, the people who live in that area must be delighted as well.

Breakfast calls to me, so I am going to go make my fresh blueberry pancakes, fresh coffee, and maybe a scrambled egg to go with it all. This is Blabbin' Grammy signing off for now. Much love to each of you, my friends and family. For those of you who read my blog a year ago during the A to Z Challenge, I plan to be taking part in that in April again. I look forward to it. I am sure my farm (aka Farmville) will probably suffer during that time, but the really nice thing about that is that it will be waiting for me each Sunday afternoon and I can catch up with it then. Bye for now. More later.


Margie's Musings said...

Hi Ruby,

I have enjoyed your blog and your escapades too. I am off to Wichita today..two hour trip to see the eyelid doctor for my post operative check up.

Grammy said...

Margie...Did you have surgery to correct drooping eye lids? My husband had that surgery and he said the shots that they put in before the surgery nearly brought him up off the table. I am glad you are through that part. Thanks for being such a constant reader. I hope your check up goes well. Love Ruby

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Most enjoyable Ruby, loved reading it.
Hope your check up goes well.
Take care.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ruby,
I know you're glad the Superbowl is over and life around there can get back to normal. You're sounding a bit like me - I'm growing really tired of the cold and the snow up here and can't wait to get out in warm weather. That was smart thinking about catching water for your coffee!
I've been doing a lot of reading here too. I keep the library very busy. lol
Hugs and blessings my friend,

Anonymous said...

We had a little Super Bowl get together with some dear friends of ours, another couple with 2 children. (keep in mind, we have 4) We had quite an exciting evening, all the kids enjoyed being together! I agree, though, I am glad it is over.

I look forward to your A-Z challenge. You were just starting to do it last year when I came across your blog and started reading it. I have enjoyed following a long with you on your trying journey over the past year.

You show an amazing example of faith, and it's truly an inspiration to read your blog! :)

Grammy said...

Hey, Y'all, thanks for all your all's sweet comments. Love, Ruby