Monday, March 14, 2016

Day 28 - Cecee's Adventures

We went to bed, so very tired, yet the excitement seemed to bubble up within me! We were finally here in Texas.

There were not a lot of beds, so we slept several to a bed. Mama and Papa were the only ones who had their own bedroom. The rest of us were in one room, and it seemed crowded.

My sisters, Mary and Daisy slept in the same bed with me. The other bed had Eugene, Arthur, and King. Baby Edith was in a crib in our room. It seemed like we were wall to wall kids. I suppose that you could say we were.

Morning seemed to be upon us all too soon.

Mary was shaking me by the shoulders, telling me to get up, I looked at her, the sleep still in my eyes.

"Come on, sleepyhead ! Everyone else is already in the kitchen, ready for breakfast! Papa's already out working, and we have to go as soon as we have dressed and eaten!"

I couldn't believe it! Our first morning here, and I had overslept.

"What are we supposed to do when we work? Daisy and I are too little!"


only slightly confused said...

What's happening Granny? Have you been sick? I've been away for a little while and am just catching up with some of my favourite bloggers.

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