Monday, February 29, 2016

Day 25 - Cecee's Adventures

While we were on our way in the wagon, I noticed the open country around us. There was so much of it!

It wasn't like the place we had come from. We had lived in a town in East Tennesssee where there were mountains and hills.

Turning to my brothers and sisters, I noticed they were looking around too. Mama was watching und smiling.

The wagon bumped along the dirt road, as we watched the open fields go past. There were trees, too, but they didn't seem as tall as the ones back home.

Pretty soon, we saw a river, a really big one. Maybe it was that one Miss Ally was telling us about.  I decided to ask her if I got to see her again.

We reached the ranch and drove the wagon underneath  a big sign that had a big W inside a circle. I wondered what that W meant. I found out later that it was the letter they put on all the cattle and horses on the ranch.

The wagon continued on for a while longer. I saw big fields of plants covered with white fluffy stuff, That was something else for me to wonder about. I didn't realize that I would soon be finding out.

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