Friday, February 26, 2016

Day 24 - Cecee's Adventures

My Uncle Cash hurried toward us, while his son, Robert, held the reins of the team of horses hitched up to the buckboard wagon.

"Where is our brother, Lorenzo,?" Papa asked.

"We decided he should work, besides, we needed all the room in the wagon for your family. And, here you are, at last! What took you so long? Been writin' to you forever, trying to get you outta them hills. This here is God's country!  Welcome! Maggie, how are you? All of these kids! They yours, or did you bring some extras along for the ride?"

Our Uncle Cassia apparently considered himself to be funny.

Papa gave him a wry grin, and replied.

"Good to see you again, too, Cash! You haven't changed any for the better, I see. How about if we get loaded up into that wagon of yours and get my family to where we're headed?"

"No sooner said than done, Willie! I see your humor hasn't improved any either, little brother!"

I found this to be funny, since they were both much taller than me. I'd never heard Papa talk that way to anybody.

Pretty soon, we were on our way.

Cousin Robert was driving the team and my brothers were talking with him, asking questions.

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