Monday, February 22, 2016

Day 23 - Cecee's Adventures

The next day, around mid-afternoon, Mama and Papa began collecting our things, getting us together, and I knew it was time for us to be leaving the train.

I was surprised to see Miss Ally leaving the train as we did.

She smiled at me as we lined up to leave.

"Well, Miss Cecee! Looks as if we're going to continue being friends, maybe!"

"Oh, Miss Abby! I hope so! Maybe if you get a job teaching, I can come to your school!"

After we left the train, I watched as she headed for the young man who seemed to be waiting for her.

He was kicking at the dirt, smoking a cigarette, peering at her through the smoke rising from it.

She stopped, just a few feet shy of him.

"Robbie, is that you?" I heard her ask.

I strained my ears to hear his soft, husky reply.

"The name is Rob, Abigail."

Two more steps and she was hugging him. He put one hand on her shoulder, seemingly hesitant to return her hug.

All this happened within a minute or so. Mama had her hand on my shoulder steering me towards the wagon waiting to take us to the ranch.

We had some hugs of our own to give. My uncles were taking us to our new home.

I was so tired of riding on the train and eager to see what was ahead of us.

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