Saturday, February 20, 2016

Day 22 -Cecee's Adventures

As we walked through the next car, Mama held tightly to my hand, saying nothing.

That made me wonder if she had a "Talking to Cecee" in her mind.

Sure enough, after we had used the toilet and left that car, we stopped in the in-between car to sit in an empty seat.

"Do you have any idea how much it worries Papa and me when we see that you have no fear of strangers?"

"But, Mama! No one has hurt me! They have all been very nice to me! That man that took my arm the other day had a piece of candy in his other hand. He was holding it out to me!"

Mama's face turned a chalky white when she heard those words.

"Cecee! He most likely was getting ready to take you away from us! Do you realize your Papa probably saved your life? Please promise me that you will be more careful? Always stay in our presence!"

"Yes, Mama. But it is okay for me to just visit with Miss Ally in our train car. As long as I don't go anywhere with her? Please?"

"We will allow that, but don't be a bother to her! That's final!"

"Thank you, Mama!"

When we got back to the car, Miss Ally's eyes were closed, so I sat back down near Daisy where I could watch the scenery flying past us. I began to see some different kind of landscape. I wondered how long to our destination.

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