Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Day 19 - Cecee's Adventures

Within the hour, as I looked out the window, I saw we were crossing a very wide river.

"Look! Look! What is that?" I shouted.

The very large woman sitting on the seat across from me spoke.

"That is what they call 'The Mighty Mississippi'!"

She smiled at me and began telling me about a book written about a couple of boys who lived near the Mississippi River.

"Have you read it, then? Can you tell it to us? Mama tells us stories sometimes, but we haven't heard that one."

"I can tell you some of it, but it is a very long story."

For the next hour, she related a story about Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn and some of their adventures.

"Are you children in school?"

"Yes! I'm in the third grade," I said proudly. That is, when school begins again. I will be!"

"You are a school teacher, aren't you?" Eugene asked her. "You sure talk like one."

"Yes, I'm traveling out west to see a brother I haven't seen since he ran away from home twelve years ago."

"Why are you going now, after all this time?" I was curious.

"I've been saving money to come. It's taken me several years to find him."

Mama, spoke from where she was sitting and holding Edith.

"Cecee, you've been bothering the nice lady long enough."

"But, Mama! She's telling us a story!" I begged.

"How about if I tell you more of it later?" The lady inquired.

"Okay,thank you!"

We were content to wait and settled back to watch the scenery, and imagine what it had been like for the boys in that adventure story.

She smiled at me, and I wished for a teacher like her.


Delores said...

CeeCee seems to attract attention from all quarters.

Grammy said...

Well, yeah! She became my Mama.