Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Day 18 - Cecee's Adventures

By the beginning of the third day, the travel was becoming wearisome. We were beginning to be cranky and really out of sorts with one another. An hour after waking, we were getting ready to change trains and go in a more southwesterly direction, according to Papa. In another day and night, we would be heading into Texas.

Wearily, we left the train and stood on the platform, looking around. We saw a small building, and the nine of us went inside to get away from the swarms of mosquitos outside.

There was a small ticket counter, behind which stood a gentleman who kind of looked like my Uncle John. He gazed at us with some curiosity.

"You all traveling far, sonny?" He asked my brother, Eugene.

"Yessir!" replied Eugene, "we're headin' out for Texas!"

"Hmmm! That yer Pa over yonder, carrying the little bitty boy?"

Eugene nodded his assent, and the man chuckled.

"Brave man, taking all of you so far! I admire his courage! Couldn't be easy, keeping track of all of ya!"

A few minutes later, he called Papa over and asked if he was interested in purchasing some food for our family.

Papa turned him down, because there was very little money to buy food.

"How about a glass of lemonade for your children? Only a penny a glass. They look mighty thirsty!"

We turned imploring eyes to Papa, and he said, "Okay, children, one glass each. I guess you deserve a treat, since you've done so well behaving."

Within the hour, our train was pulling into the train depot, and we were hearing the conductor shouting, "All aboard! All aboard!"

It was still exciting. There was a brand new bunch of people to be meeting!


Delores said...

What a long journey. They'll need a rest when they get where they are going.

Grammy said...

They certainly did.