Friday, February 5, 2016

Day 16 - Cecee's Adventures

We spent the next few hours looking out of the windows, watching the landscape go rushing past.

Sometimes, the train would stop and we watched the people gathering up possessions to leave, and others coming on, carrying stuff on with them. Babies were crying; little kids were  holding onto their older sister or brother's hand. It was exciting!

We had another ham and biscuit, along with an apple for lunch.

The man who had grasped my arm earlier walked by my seat that afternoon. I looked up and he winked at me. I just looked down and ignored the wink. It made me feel nervous.

I didn't  think Papa would like knowing about him winking at me, but I decided to tell him anyway.

Walking over to where he and Mama sat with Edith and little King, I placed my hand on Papa's knee.

He looked down at me, expectantly.

"Yes, Cecee, did that man who just walked past us say anything to you?"

"Not exactly, Papa! He did wink at me. Why did he do that, Papa? I don't even know him. Did that mean he likes me? I don't understand."

"If you see him again, just act like he is not there. He is not a friend. Do you understand me? Ignore him."

"Yes, Papa!"

I went back to my seat, and saw Papa speak to Mama, then get up.


Delores said...

Next time she sees that man he may look a little the worse for wear.

Grammy said...

That is one of several possibilities.