Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Day 13 -Cecee's Adventures

Several hours later, I awakened to the whistle of the train, as we pulled into a station.

All at once I became aware of hunger pangs in my stomach.

"Mama! I'm hungry," I whined.

My brothers and sisters looked hungry, too.

"Sorry, children, we need to wait a little while until some people get off and there will most likely be others getting on board here.  We are in a town called Nashville, and I need to keep you all together. "

Papa spoke with authority, always, quite often speaking for Mama.

Thirty minutes or so later, everyone who needed to had either left, or boarded, and the train was moving once again, slowly picking up speed.

I noticed cinders were flying in through a window that someone had opened. I leaned over to pick one up and inspect it.

Ouch! It burned my small fingers, and I dropped it more quickly than I had picked it up.

"Dumb Dora! Silly girl! Don't you know those are hot?" My brother, Eugene, laughed at my innocence.

Arthur, ever the peacemaker, piped up with a suggestion that he was starving.

"A great idea!" Replied Mary, casting a look of disapproval towards my brother, Eugene.

He simply shrugged and snickered.

Within minutes, our family was eating cold biscuits and cured ham. Mama had also packed a jug of water for drinking.

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Delores said...

A picnic on a train...sounds like fun....unless of course someone is prone to motion sickness.