Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Day 2. Adventures of Cecee - Day 2

When I came into the kitchen a couple of minutes later, the rest of the family was already sitting and Daisy was smirking at me, and mouthed, "Late again", sticking out her tongue at me.

When I took my seat, Papa bowed his head and asked a blessing on our food and the day ahead of us.

The bacon, eggs, gravy and biscuits soon disappeared. As we ate, we began to chatter about the upcoming day and events.

"Mary, I'm going to depend on you and Cecee to clean the kitchen. Eugene, you and Arthur need to sweep'"

"Aw, Mama! That's girl's work!" Eugene protested.

"Hmmm. Okay, then carry out the chamber pots and empty them!"


My  Papa gave Eugene a look that brooked no argument and made moves as if to unbuckle his belt.

Eugene grabbed Arthur's hand and left the room quickly.

"No job for me to do, Ms.Maggie?" Papa reached out and snagged Ma around the waist, pulling at the strings on her apron.

"Will! Finish your coffee!" She tried to look stern, but I could tell she wasn't mad.

Mama took baby Edith and little King to another room, and Pa winked at me, sipping his coffee.

I was happy to be working alongside my big sister, Mary.

"Tell me again about Texas, Mary! Is it very far away? Will it take us a long time to get there? What do they do on a ranch?"

"Well, ain't you a little question box today?" She teased me.


Delores said...

Should'a stuck with the sweeping lol.

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