Saturday, January 30, 2016

Day 11- Cecee's Adventures

That night, I watched out the window to try to see the countryside we were passing by.  Sometimes, there was enough light from house windows to know we were passing through neighborhoods, but mostly, it was just dark.

I soon gave up on that and settled back into my seat, which was a long seat for several people to sit together. Our seat, mine, Daisy's and Arthur's, faced another seat, which was backed by the car wall. On that seat was Mama, Daddy, King and little Edith, who was being held by Mama. She looked at me and smiled.

On the seat behind us, sat Mary and Eugene. They were each trying to read a book, but the light was too dim. The lights had been dimmed soon after we got on the train.

There was a constant sound of the wheels of the train underneath us, and it wasn't long  before Daisy and I were asleep, leaning against each other.

In what seemed only minutes, we were being awakened by the stopping of the train's motion.

The fellow who had helped me up the train steps was walking through shouting the name of a place. It was a name I had never heard before. I sat up and looked at Mama, who was still sound asleep. She must have been really tired.

Papa looked at me and shook his head, placing his finger on his lips.

But, I needed to use a toilet! Where was it? How did I find it? Who could I ask?


Delores said...

That's a hard way to cross the country.

Grammy said...

I would certainly hate to do so! I did travel by train in 1951 from Tennessee to Indiana as a new bride. I don't remember anything about the bathrooms on trains from that trip, though. I traveled that way again with my sister and two children in 1956. Another story....

Grammy said...

OOPS! Make that first trip in 1952. Early in January. ha.