Thursday, January 28, 2016

Day 10 - Cecee's Adventures

The time had come, at last! The nine of us were standing near the huge train on the tracks. We were hugging and kissing all our family members good-bye. 

It was so scary and exciting all at the same time. Papa was holding three year old King in his arms, and Mama held year old Edith. They had given me and Daisy strict orders to stay on either side of Mary and to stay close to our brothers, Arthur and Eugene. 

Papa looked handsome in his one suit, and I thought Mama was the prettiest woman standing there waiting to board the huge train. 

Then, a man wearing a uniform and a cap, shouted, "All aboard! All aboard! Watch your step, please!" 

Oh, my, it was exciting! The steps up onto the train were so high that the man doing all the shouting lifted Daisy and me, helping us board the train. I Iooked up into his face and he winked at me!

Once we were on the train, we walked through the center aisle, looking for a section of seats together.  

Once we were all seated, I happened to remember our stuff we were taking with us, our clothes! What about them? Where were they? 

Then, I remembered they had been put into the baggage car on the train. 

Oh! Our food! What about it? 

"Mary! Did we bring our food?"

"Yes, little worrywart! Papa had Eugene and Arthur carrying it! It's on the train with us and safe! "

Whew! Then I could relax and enjoy the ride! Little did I realize how tired my backsides were going to get from sitting so long. 


Delores said...

And so, the adventure begins. Can't wait to find out what comes next.

Grammy said...

went to your website this morning and got spammed.. I was directed to a third website and my IOS crashed. Not your fault. My I=pad must have been invaded by a spammer. These darned people causing trouble for others!

Best regards to you! Love, Ruby