Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cecee's Adventures - Day 5

My Mama's mother was a white woman, married to a Cherokee man. She had inherited his temperament, which was that of a volatile nature.

I knew if she found out that I was listening to their conversation, I could be in big trouble. Her temper was legendary in our family.

Just the week before, she and Mary had been working outside, doing the laundry, while Daisy and I were supposed to be dusting the furniture. Daisy took it into her head that she was going to climb up on the china cabinet. She was after the candy dish that Mama kept on the top shelf out of our reach. .

The cabinet was in two sections, one on top of the other. Daisy made it almost to the tip top shelf, when suddenly, the top section began shifting.

"Daisy! Get down! Quick! It's going to fall! Hurry!"

"No! I want a piece of can........ahhhhh!"

All at once, the top section completed its shifting and down it came, with Daisy hanging on for dear life! It missed landing on top of her by a hair. But she hit the floor with the cabinet making a loud crashing sound.

The crash could be heard outside and throughout the house! It brought everyone to the scene of the crime.

When Mama saw what had taken place, we knew what was going to happen. Daisy would be sure to be deeper in trouble than she was in broken dishes!

Sure enough!

"Shall I kill you or shall I not? Daisy Irene! What have you done now! Are you ready to meet your Maker? My good dishes!"

Mama stood there surveying child and cabinet, with broken china all around. We could all see the anger burning in her face and held our collective breaths, waiting silently for the outcome.


Delores said...

Yikes. Now today, the little darling would get a tender reminder that climbing on the furniture was a 'no no' and that would be it.....maybe one of those priceless 'time outs'. Child rearing today has taken a turn for the worse.

Grammy said...

For sure!