Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Adventures of Cecee!

My sister, Daisy, was tugging on my arm.

"Hey, Lazybones! Mama said for you to get up and help her pack. Don't you remember we've got to go to catch a train tomorrow? We've got company coming today, too! She said you gotta help get King and Edith dressed, too!"

"You're just trying to be bossy, Daisy!  Always trying to push everybody around. I'm older'n you anyways. I don't sleep good, cause you're always sticking your knees in my back all night! Get outta here while I get dressed."

My sister folded her arms, and sat down, trying to outstare me. It wasn't working, so she finally got up and left the room, hollering for our Mama. 

"She ain't getting dressed, Mama! She ran me out!"

Standing my seven year old body in front of the dresser, I began putting on my clothes, so that my the time my Mama came into our bedroom, I was trying to smooth  my curly hair into submission. I still had to lace my shoes, which was a chore.

The year was 1908, and our family was going to Texas to live on a big ranch! I had no idea where Texas even was, but my Papa had told us it was a long ways away. It was exciting, and I just knew it was going to be great fun, unless Daisy spoiled it for me.

I loved her, but she could raise my anger faster than anybody else ever could. In fact, she took great delight in it. My brother, Arthur, was always telling me it was my fault.

"Cecee, she couldn't do it if you just didn't pay her no mind!"

"Cecee, girl, you better be in the kitchen for breakfast in five minutes! " Mama was headed for the warpath, if I didn't get there in a hurry!

"Yes, Mama! I'm coming" 


Delores said...

You're back. I do hope you haven't been unwell.

Grammy said...

Just lazy and taking it easy! Thanks for caring and checking on me. 😀

Teresa Hammond said...

I do believe I know these characters. This will be interesting. 😀

Grammy said...


Arlee Bird said...

I was surprised to see the new activity on your blog. I was wondering what had happened. Nothing wrong with "taking it easy" though. Hope you've been having a good year.

The name of your piece caught my eye since "Cee-Cee" is the nickname for my granddaughter who lives in Houston. Her initials are C.C. thus the nickname.

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out
Wrote By Rote

Grammy said...

Hi, Arlee... yes, I've been taking it easy ...a break from writing. I felt my writing becoming stale...this story is a fictionalized story of my Mama's family back in the early 1900's. Some parts will be true, others imagined. Her name was Cecil, so I've given her the name, Cecee. She would be irritated most likely, to know I had bastardized her name in such a manner. Ah, well...
Best regards to you, my friend! I think of you often. Ruby.

Mom's Blog said...

Ha...the tension with Daisy and Grandma mever ended!