Thursday, January 21, 2016

Adventures of Cecee - Day 3

Looking up at my sister, who was fifteen at the time, she was all I ever wanted to be like. She was smart, and kind, and never got into any trouble like I did. Somehow, even though I tried hard not to be, I was always at the wrong end of a hickory switch.

I guess my imagination was at the roots of my troubles. It seems I was always thinking of fun things to do, that somehow led to my whippings. More about that later.

As we worked, Mary told me once again about how we were going to be going by train, out to Texas. It would most likely take several days, because it was a long ways.

"You mean, we'll be sleeping on the train? Will we have beds?"

"No, silly girl! We don't have the money to sleep in a bed. Papa said we would be all together in the passenger car and sleep sitting up."

I tried to imagine that, but just couldn't see it.

"But, Mary, I can't sleep sitting up!"

She stopped working and looked at me, lifting her eyebrows.

"Have you forgotten going to sleep in church last Sunday? Don't tell me you can't sleep sitting up!"

"Oh! Yeah, I guess I can, at that..."

Anyway, we got our work done in record time, singing church songs, while we washed and dried the dishes, then put them back on the table to be used at the next meal.

It was only a matter of minutes before I heard voices in the living room. My aunts, uncles, and cousins were arriving! Oh, boy! Now for some fun!


Delores said...

lol...sure she can sleep sitting up. Shoot, I've been so tired I could swear I was sleeping STANDING up.

Grammy said...

I sleep sitting up all the time, especially in my recliner...well, I'm kinda sitting up. ha ha.