Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sergeant Finley - Day 68

That night as I readied myself to go out, I was thinking about Bix and his situation. Was he just using his wife as an excuse? Why had he encountered so many problems keeping a job? Were there underlying issues he wasn't dealing with? I knew without a doubt, he was headed for failure once again. He'd never make it as a cop unless he dealt with whatever was bothering him. He certainly has aroused my curiosity, that was for sure. 

It was dark that night, no moon and these fellas didn't know the area as well as I had learned it, so they were going to be relying on my skills. I knew we could do it.

We arrived near the alleyway where the three men always set up their business.

"Okay, fellas. Can you all act drunk? Instead of sneaking up on them, we're gonna be singing like we are three sheets in the wind, looking for a good time, including the purchase of some drugs."

Odie remarked, "I sure can. I've had a little experience at the real thing." 

Some of the others nodded their agreement. 

"Say, what about you, straight-laced Zeeb! You ain't never been drunk in your life, I'll bet." This came from D.K.

"Let's just say, I know how a drunk behaves. I don't have to explain why. Now come on fellas. Here we go." 

We linked arms and began stumbling around and singing one of the latest rock songs. We were laughing and pushing each other around. 

"Hey, look there! A fire! You cold, D.K.?"

"Nah! I could use a rainbow, though! Any a you got a rainbow?"

We began shoving each other around and laughing, putting on a good show for the three watching us.

One of them came over to us. 

"You fellas need to warm up a little? We don't mind sharin' our fire with ya." 

All the while, he was patting our pockets in preparation for a little wallet lifting. He wasn't going to find any though. I had already warned my friends not to carry any thing they didn't want to possible lose.

"All righty," I answered. "Don't mind if we do, eh, fellas? Sure looks warm."

We stumbled over to the can filled with burning refuse. 

The big guy spoke then.

"Did I hear somebody say he was in the market for a rainbow? Got some 'ludes, and red devils as well. Anything you want. You got some money?"

"Well, let's see what cha got. You could just be sayin' that to get our money, and give us nothing." This came from Odie.

He reached into his pocket and brought out a handful of pills. 

"Let me see the color of your money, now." He demanded.

 I gave a prearranged signal and we took them down. Within seconds, all three were on the ground. I retrieved the pills which had fallen to the ground. They were evidence.

Odie gave a loud whistle, and around the corner came a squad of policemen, led by Captain Wintermeyer, and they carted the three men off. 

"Good work, men!" I commended them. "We did it! We made our first arrest. Now, we need to go to the station and fill out some paperwork. That's always part of the job!" 

Needless to say, we were so energized, I doubt if we could have slept immediately after arriving back at our places of residence.  

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