Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sergeant Finley - Day 56

After roll call, the first thing the Captain did was to pass out some papers and a pencil to each enrollee. 

"You have forty minutes, no talking, and no looking on anyone else's papers. When I call time, you will immediately place your pencils on the desk in front of you and stand."


Looking down, I saw it was a test covering the police manual. I was extremely glad I had read it so thoroughly. I heard someone behind me quietly groan. 

'Uh, oh,' I thought to myself, 'there was someone who had not and he would likely be a quick wash-out if not careful.'

Little did I know how very wrong I was. 

It wasn't long before I heard his pencil hit the desk, and I could sense him leaning back, and saying, "Ah" as though he had aced it. Hmmm.

The questions were 1/3 multiple choice, 1/3 true - false, and the rest were essay type in general.

"Odum, would you please collect all the papers and pencils; bring them to me." The Captain was looking directly behind me.

It dawned on me then. The man behind me was quite important to the Captain. Was he a friend of a friend of the Captain? Perhaps a relative of the Captain? This would bear some watching of my back, (I say this tongue-in-cheek since he was behind me). 

I realized the competition was going to be intense. I wondered if there were a limited number of spaces on the force available? I certainly knew that the Captain would be the one who decided the pass/fail of the candidates. Had I gotten off on the wrong foot with him? Maybe he thought I had come early on purpose to get on his good side. 

I'd just have to wait and see; do my best to stay out of his immediate way. 

After the papers were taken up, the instructor took the gun from his holster and held it up for us to see.

"Men, this is the type of weapon each officer is issued. It has its own individual number etched onto the weapon; this is how it is identified as belonging to the owner. Each number is registered. Never pull your weapon unless you have intent to use it; never use it unless absolutely necessary to prevent someone from danger. And, this is important - always have your partner's back. Now, we're going out to the shooting range and do a little target practice. Mine is the only gun we are going to use today."

It was beginning to be interesting. Little did I know how interesting it would become. 

(To be continued)

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