Thursday, January 2, 2014

Zebulon - Day 216 - Historical Fiction

It was a quiet supper that night. Mrs. Walsh had invited me to eat with them, and Sam had gone out with some buddies of his. I knew that I had a habit of getting close to people, I guess because I just like people. Perhaps my inquisitive nature is partially responsible, as well. There were questions that night about why I was leaving, and I simply explained that it felt urgent to me to be going to find my old friend. I felt he must need to see me. 

Later on, I went up to bed and after reading my Testament, I lay down and went to sleep talking to my Lord. Never is sleep sweeter than entering it in prayer to God. His comfort is incomparable. I knew I was going to miss my friends.

Next morning dawned with no nightmares the night before, and I was eager to be on the hunt for my friend, Sgt. Finley, at last. 

Hugging each of my friends goodbye after breakfast, I headed out for the bus depot, and adventure. The day had dawned bright and clear, and before the day was over, I planned to be well on my way to where my friend was living. As to what I would find, I had not a clue. Was he ill? Was he dying? In Trouble (with a capital T)? I know, I was only thinking in the negative manner, but I felt very troubled about his possible situation.

(Next installment begins on Monday.. Sergeant Finley, Day 1)

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Delores said...

Well he's on his way at last and whatever he finds when he gets there I know you'll have him up to the task. See you Monday.