Saturday, December 28, 2013

Zebulon - Day 212 - Historical Fiction

"Well, well! Who do we have here? Seems like things happen to people who come in contact with you, Mr. O'Hanlon! Maybe we need to take you down to the station for a little conversation."

"Surely you are joking, officer. I had nothing to do with what happened to either Miss Emmaline or to Mr. Wilson."

"Well, why don't you just tell us how you came to be involved with Mr. Wilson. I gather that is the name of the gunshot victim?"

"Yes. You see, I first met him a couple of days ago when he and his wife were in an argument. He was quite abusive to her. I discovered he is a veteran just recently back from Vietnam and can't find work. He has been discouraged and drinking doesn't help. His wife and little boy left yesterday to go to her mother's. I guess that was the final straw and was all he could take. Yesterday I invited him to go to church with us today. When I went over this morning, I looked in the window and saw him on his couch with an empty liquor bottle on the coffee table and simply assumed he was sleeping it off."

"Hmmm. That makes for a pretty good story, but how do we know you didn't get into an argument with him over his wife. Maybe you were sweet on her and thought he didn't deserve her! Beating on her and all that. Tell us how the shooting took place. Say, maybe you beat him up first! 

You better just stay here until we take a look at the victim. Just take a seat over there, O'Hanlon. We'll get back to you after while. You were a friend of that do-gooder, Finley, I understand. You one a them Bible-thumpers, I bet. Yah!"

Well, it didn't take a genius to see I was not going to have an easy time with those two knuckleheads. My only hope seemed to be the recovery of Claude Wilson. I had been alone with him a couple of  times that morning."

(To be continued)