Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Zebulon - Day 198 - Historical Fiction

Removing my coat and hat, I folded the coat and placed it across the end of the bed, with the hat on top. I decided to try out the rocking chair sitting in the corner near a window. I then got up to lock the door, to keep little Katy out. I needed to spend some quiet time in conversation with Jesus. There had been a lot taking place that I needed special guidance that only He could give.  I opened my Testament, turning to Romans, reading about how we, as  Christians, are to put on His full armor.

Then, I began reflecting upon how He had brought me safely back to the arms of my family and friends. He had brought me back to my old hometown, and maybe to my future wife. Upon that thought entering my mind, a certain disquiet accompanied it. Was God telling me that it was not to be? I wasn't sure, and decided to not rush into a quick relationship with Glenny. I was, after all, only twenty-two, and felt I had plenty of time.

I still felt an urgency to find Sgt. Finley. Taking out my billfold, I removed the scrap of paper with his last known address scrawled on it. Would I find him there? He might have moved already.  I had to leave soon. These were wonderful people here, but I was only a wanderer coming into their lives in a brief interlude.

Bowing my head, I asked God what he would have me do, and then I waited. I felt an urging to go to the Trailways station to check on schedules. If there was a Monday morning bus scheduled to leave for that town between eight and nine o'clock, that would be my "fleece" test, as Gideon had in the Old Testament.

Quickly putting my coat and hat back on, I unlocked my door, and hastened down the stairs and out the door. I had no idea which I wished to find, go or stay; I only knew I had to check at once.

Within minutes, I had covered the distance between the boarding house and the bus terminal, and
entered it. Going up to the window, I asked the agent, "Do you have a bus going to ..........on Monday morning between eight and nine o'clock?"

"Now, young man, why would you be asking me about that particular time?"  He was looking at me rather strangely.

"I just need to know! It's very important to me. Please?"

"Say, young feller! You remind me of a couple of kids I saw years ago in here, buying tickets to go somewhere in Kentucky! Plucky little kids."

I smiled. There was no hurrying this fellow, so I just simmered down and relaxed, placing my elbows on the window ledge at his window.

He noticed and smiled back. "Now, ain't that better? No need in gettin' all het up. Jest like that little feller years ago. Same flamin' red hair, too. You're him, ain't cha?"

When I nodded, he grinned again "I knowed it! Good to see you again.  Let's see now."

He ran his fingers down the page.

(To be continued)


Delores said...

In a small town you can't get away from your past.

Grammy said...

Right. So true.