Thursday, December 5, 2013

Zebulon - Day 195 - Historical Fiction

"Well, you see, young was like this. I was just walking along the street minding my own business, when these young men came along, pushing and jostling each other around. They bumped into me and pushed me off the sidewalk. Well, that was okay. I knew they were just young and full of vinegar. It was during the mid forties when the war was just over. Everybody was feeling good to have the troops coming home. I must have looked at one of them the wrong way, because he turned around and said, "What chu lookin' at?"

I didn't want any trouble so I just ignored him, and he came closer in a threatening manner. He was drawing back his fist to hit me, when along came this young man with the flaming red hair and steps between us. 

"Leave this man alone. He's done nothing to you! You run along and mind your own business. You need to get a job instead of running loose and causing havoc. I heard they're hiring at the steel mills. Next time, pick on somebody your own size!"

Then, turning to me, he says, "My name's Seamus O'Hanlon, and I'm starting to work at the steel mill in town. I live over on Cherry Lane. If they bother you again, you just let me know. I'll take care of them and settle their hash!"

"I never saw him again, but I'll never forget him! Is he still living?"

"No, I'm afraid not, but I thank you for sharing that story with me. I appreciate it." 

I spent a couple of hours browsing through the books, and found several to purchase. Instead of buying a Testament for my friend, I bought a complete Bible, so that he could read for himself the whole story of God and see how Jesus fit into the plan for the saving of mankind. I paid for my purchases, and bade the old man goodbye.

As I walked home, I reflected on the story he had shared with me, and wondered what had happened to change my Da from the man he was in the story, to the kind of man he was when he was murdered. 

(To be continued) 


Delores said...

Missed you yesterday...hope you're all right.

Blabbin' Grammy said...

Yes. Just overslept and life got busy. Thanks. :)

Blabbin' Grammy said...
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