Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Zebulon - Day 192 - Historical Fiction

She took the boy gently from my arms with obvious puzzlement on her face. 

"How..." she began.

"How come I am carrying your son? That is a good question. More to the point is how you both had no idea he was no longer in your home? But for now, he needs dry clothing."

Turning to his father, I continued. 

"Perhaps God led me to where I saw the boy; I don't know. I was at the park to watch the sunrise and enjoy the beauty of the morning. I looked out toward the lake and saw your son out on the ice, and the ice had begun to crack. I told him to remain where he was, and then threw out a length of rope, he grabbed it and I pulled him to shore. The ice finally gave way near the shore, and he got wet. He told me you all were fighting and he got frightened and ran away. Tell me, sir, is this the kind of life you want for your family?"

He gave me a shame-faced look. 

"I know, I know...I just can't seem to help myself."

"That's my point, sir. I know it is difficult to control behavior, but there is someone who can help you."

He looked at me without understanding what I was telling him.

"Who? Who can help me? You? What can you do?"

"Me? I'm not talking about me. I'm speaking of God, and how He can help you control your temper. Have you done any reading in the little Testament I left with you yesterday?"

"Well, yeah, but it didn't really mean anything to me. I finally just put it down and had a drink, then went to bed. This morning, my wife burned the toast and we started arguing. That must be when Allen left the house. It was all her fault. If she hadn't burnt the toast..."

He turned to glare at his wife, who by now had changed the boy into dry clothing, and wrapped him in a blanket to further warm his body. 

I could see that I was not getting anywhere with the man. 

"Do you realize you came very close to losing something more valuable than a piece of toast this morning? Your son almost died this morning. It was only by the grace of God that he did not! He is afraid of you. You must get your temper under control, before it destroys all that you hold dear. I'm believe the only way you can do that is to turn your life over to God."

"How do I do that? I just don't understand."

I sat down with him to explain the plan of Salvation to him, and how he needed to place his belief in the saving power of Jesus. I shared the Roman Road plan with him. I explained how it was all in the matter of truly believing Christ could save his soul and giving his life to Him. I urged him again to read the story of Jesus. We sat there for nearly an hour, talking and all the time, I was praying for him

I told him again that I was living next door in the boarding house and that I would be back soon to talk with him and to answer any questions he had. 

Also reminding him what could have happened to his son, I said goodbye to the boy and his mother. I left and headed for the book store. 

 (To be continued)


Delores said...

It must be very hard for men coming back from active service. We just recently had our Remembrance Day so I guess our soldiers and veterans are still fresh in my mind.

Grammy said...

Mine too. I am trying to present the very real problems that returning veterans have to deal with, along with their families.