Friday, November 22, 2013

Zebulon - Day 190 - Historical Fiction

The time was still too early to head for the book store, and the frost on the window panes told me that it was quite cold outside, but I wanted to walk to the town park and do some thinking. Putting on my overcoat and cap, I headed out the front door into the bright early morning and inhaled the crisp air. I considered myself to be quite blessed. 

The sun was slowly creeping over the edge of the shorter trees and I determined I would watch its rising in the morning. There were only a few streaks remaining of this morning's sunrise.  

I recognized the fellow I had seen the previous evening, walking his dog again. He acknowledged me with a small handwave and kept moving; the dog just about pulling him along. It made me chuckle, wondering who was walking who. 

A boy passed me on his bicycle, his newspaper bag empty. He had most likely been out at least an hour delivering his papers. He waved to me in a friendly fashion as he went past me in the opposite direction. 

Within about twenty minutes I found myself entering the little park, with its small lake. The water in the lake seemed to be covered with  a layer of ice. I wondered how thick it was, but had no intention of testing it. There was bench near the water, but in the sunshine. It looked as though it had been moved out from under the trees.

Finding a folded newspaper on the bench, I decided to use it to protect my coat from the residue on the bench, and sat on it. This place of solitude made a perfect place to think and to pray. 

Bowing my head, I leaned back on the bench and communed with my Lord, asking for his direction in the days ahead. After about twenty minutes, loud cries reached my consciousness. 

Looking up, I realized the yelling was coming from the direction of the water. It sounded like someone was in trouble! 

Shading my eyes from the bright sunlight, I looked in that direction. A kid was out on the ice and it was cracking around him. He realized his problem and had begun to holler for help. He looked to be about twenty feet from the edge. I yelled and told him to be very still and not move any at all. 

Looking around, I searched for anything I could find that would be of help in rescuing the little boy. 

(To be continued) 

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