Friday, November 15, 2013

Zebulon - Day 185 - Historical Fiction

I reflected on the day's happenings as I hurried on my way to meet Glenny. We both arrived at the same time from different directions. 

Lifting my arm in greeting, I hailed her. 

"Do you know of a nicer place than this to dine?" I inquired. "I'm in the mood for a quiet evening, eating something a little above the fare they serve in this place."

"Sure, over on Park Street, there is a Chauncy's that is pretty good, and not too expensive."

I remembered Park Street, because I had bicycled along that street to occasionally look into the store windows on the next street over. It wasn't very far from where we had eaten lunch, but in a better neighborhood.

"Tell me about yourself," I urged Glenny. "You say you work in a bank? Which one? What do you do?"

"Well, I work at First National on the corner of Market and Finch. I'm a teller there, and hoping to get promoted soon to the loan department."

"Ah, you're ambitious! That's good! Have you worked there very long?"

"No, about a year, after I finished junior college. My Mom needed me to get a job and help out at home, since my Dad got injured on the job in the steel mills"

"Oh? I'm sorry to hear that. Is he doing better?"

"Some, but he'll never be able to work there again, and he can't do much around the house to help. He got his hand caught in some machinery, and I think he has just given up."

I didn't know what to reply to her last comment, and thankfully we had arrived at Chauncy's Restaurant.

Opening the door for her, I caught a faint scent of her hair as she passed in front of me. It smelled like gardenias, and I knew that was going to become my favorite aroma. Even now, years later, when i close my eyes, I can remember it.

We were soon seated, and I looked at Glenny, wanting to reach out and take her hand, but somehow reluctant to seem forward, I simply smiled at her. The hostess handed us each a menu, and asked for a drink order. 

I lifted my eyebrows at my dinner partner; she ordered iced tea, and I ordered coffee. Then we each buried our faces in the menus.

Finally, I asked what looked good to her. 

"It all looks delicious! I haven't been here in forever, but I seem to remember they serve wonderful seafood. Perhaps some fresh snapper or salmon steak would be good."

"That sounds like just what the doctor ordered, so when she comes back, you order first, and I'll follow your suit. It has been forever since I've had fresh seafood. It'll be a treat, for sure."

"Zeb, how long are you going to stay in town? Have you decided? Did you go by the boarding house I told you about?"

(To be continued)


Delores said...

Test number one...she didn't order alcohol. So far so good. And a little hint there that maybe this develops into something big?

Grammy said...

Could be, my friend! who knows, at this stage. :)