Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Zebulon - Day 171 - Historical Fiction

While in basic training, it soon became evident to my fellow trainees that I was a Christian, because of my demeanor and the fact that I never turned in at night without reading my little testament that Sgt. Finley had given me so long ago. It was really getting dog-eared, but was very dear to me. 

Also, I never failed calling them down for mistreating others. It earned me the nickname, "Rev.", for  Reverend, I figured. I didn't mind; better that than some of the nicknames others were tagged with. 

I had just finished basic training when shock waves traveled throughout the world. President John Kennedy was assassinated, and America reeled from the loss. 

When I received my assignment, I found myself in the intelligence division. Apparently, when I took my entrance exams, they were impressed by the way I answered the questions. Thus, I was thrust into the very thick of the action, gathering intelligence for the fighting that went on. I saw things that I cannot recount; that sometimes yet plague my memory. 

For several years following my four years of service, I had nightmares, yet my dependence on Jesus brought me through. 

When I left the service, I went back home for a short time, and was happy to see my Ma and Jake. They seemed much older, and though I was happy to see them, I was restless.Our little Marie was a beauty, and still shy around people. She had a young fellow courting her, but it didn't look really serious on her part. 

Les was now a strapping young fellow, just a year older than I was when I had left. He was planning on going to the University of Kentucky to study architecture, he said. 

I asked Ma about Rosie and she just shook her head, tears springing to her eyes. I didn't press her, but it made me sad, seeing her so upset. I would find out another way.

When I asked Les about Rosie, he told me that she had run off with somebody and they hadn't heard from her lately. 

Well, that was a shocker to me. I determined to find out where she was. 

My feet were restless, I couldn't seem to settle down there on the farm, so I bade them all good-bye and headed up north to look up Sgt. Finley. 

(To be continued)


Delores said...

The good Sgt will have aged as well...so much water under the bridge since Zeb did his time.

Grammy said...

Yep, I have an objective in mind with fast forwarding Zeb's life.