Thursday, October 10, 2013

Zebulon- Day 156 - Historical fiction

(Author's Note - Sorry for the break in my story. I had to have a new heart pacemaker installed yesterday, but am recovering nicely, I believe. :)  Doing one hand typing, as well. ha! Now, back to my story)

We  soon were stringing (and eating) popped corn, singing Carols and having a wonderful time. I stopped worrying about presents and just enjoyed us being together and happier than we had all been in what seemed like forever.

When we had finished the strands of popcorn and put them on the tree, we asked Grandda about construction paper. 

"No, I don't have none of that, but I do have several weeks of the Sunday funny papers. They are colored, so will they do?" 

"Yes, they should work just fine, Father O'Halloran," said Ma. "Thank you!"

"What about glue, Grandda?"

"Yeah, I think there may be some Elmer's glue there in the kitchen drawer somewhere. if it ain't dried up."

Going into the kitchen, I rummaged around till I found a half used bottle in a drawer, and returned to the living room. Rosie was hard at work fashioning an angel instead of a star to go on top the tree. That gave me pause for thought. Rosie was not so unbelieving in Heaven and Jesus as she claimed to be. I filed that thought away for future reference.

We worked diligently for the next couple of hours. When we had put all our work on the tree, we stood back admiring our efforts. 

"Rosie, that is a beautiful angel you made for the tree top," complimented Ma. We all began clapping, and Rosie beamed with pleasure, blushing and ducking her head. 

"Thank you," she muttered. 

We soon had supper and after supper Ma asked Grandda if he thought he might bring Grandma in for a while to see the tree.

"That's a wonderful idea, Ma" I said.

Grandda and Ma went into the bedroom, bundled up Grandma and brought her in, placing her gently on the old sofa in there, and sat next to her on either side, for support. 

She gazed at the tree, tears springing unbidden to her eyes, but she said nothing. She simply turned to look at Grandda, and a smile played around her mouth. 

I had no idea what her thoughts were, but realize now, many years later, that memories stirred in her mind. 

Grandda turned to me and asked me to get the big family Bible and to read aloud the Christmas story from the second chapter of Luke.

Taking the big book from the book shelf, I sat down in the rocking chair, and leafed through the Bible until I found Luke, chapter two. I cleared my throat nervously, and began reading about the decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world was to be taxed.

(To be continued)

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Glad everything is all right over there....I missed you the last two days.