Saturday, October 5, 2013

Zebulon - Day 154 - Historical Fiction

They got kind of a slow start since it was all new to Rosie, but she put the best she had into it, determined to show everyone there that she could do it. Regardless, it was slow going, and after about fifteen minutes, she began to complain.

"Let me try, Grandda," I suggested pleadingly. "She's a girl and she'll never get the hang of it."

Rosie stopped for a minute and said, "No, Zeb. Now you leave me be, I know I can do this. You just gotta give me time." 

"That's right, boy. You let her alone. She's getting into the rhythm of it now, ain't ya, Martha Rose?" 

"Yes, Grandda, I'm gonna do this." She leaned in to the task with renewed determination. "You'll see, Zebbie. I know I can do it." 

I crossed my arms and rubbed them with my hands. It was beginning to get cold out here, just standing around. I called Marie and Les over to me, and hugged them to help us all keep warm. I knew Grandda and Marie were warm, because I could see the beads of perspiration beading up on their foreheads as they sawed back and forth. 

The three of us decided to walk around a little bit and look at the other stuff around us. Over to one side we could see the plowed fields that Grandda had plowed after the harvest was in. We walked in one of them and saw pieces of what looked like big stems sticking up. We talked about them, wondering what had grown there. 

Then after about half an hour of walking around, looking for arrow heads and such, we heard somebody shout, "Timber!" 
and then a crashing sound. Running back to where Rosie and Grandda had been working, we saw the tree lying on the ground. Grandda was hugging Rosie and saying something to her. 

"Good girl, Rosie! You did good! Now let's get this tree home and get it nailed onto a base and stand it up in the living room. Zeb, you can help me nail it when we get back. Now all of you kids grab hold of it somewhere near the bottom and let's drag it home!"

Rosie was smiling to beat the band, and rubbing her shoulders. I bet myself she would be one sore girl tomorrow. Tomorrow! Christmas eve tonight and Christmas was in the morning! 

"What about decorations for the tree, Grandda? Do you have any?" This question came from Marie as she huffed along, the breath coming out in little puffs.

"Yeah, Grandda," echoed Les. "We need some for putting on the tree. Does Grandma have any?" 

My thoughts were, 'if she did, would she tell us where they even were?'

(To be continued)


Delores said...

Now Zeb...that was an unworthy thought.

Grammy said...

Bless his heart!