Friday, October 4, 2013

Zebulon - Day 153 - Historical Fiction

So, I asked the question, "Grandda, how are we going to get the tree back to the house?"

"Why, y'all are gonna drag it back. The four of you should be strong enough to do that little chore," he laughed. "Now, you all look around at all these trees and let's pick one out to cut. Remember, it has to fit into the living room. Do you want a big one or just a little one?" 

Well, we got to arguing about the size of the tree; Les and Marie thought it should be little so they could reach the top of it, and I thought it should be big and tall, Rosie said she just didn't care, but I knew she did because she was beginning to get into the fray. We finally decided on a seven foot tall one. 

Then after we had picked it out, Grandda said, "Okay, now, this is a two-man saw. Who is going to be on the other end of this saw? It takes a lot of strength and pulling together to make it work. Who is going to help me cut the tree down?" 

We all looked at one another. This was a puzzler. Certainly, Les and Marie were much too small. I wasn't a lot bigger. That just left Rosie. We all turned at once, and looked at Rosie. 

"Me??? You want me to help cut down the tree? I don't know how to use one of those awful looking things!" she said, backing up a bit.

"Well, shoot, girl! You can at least try, can't you? You gonna be one a' them little namby-pamby girls that can't do anything?" said Grandda, grinning.

Looking at him grudgingly, she said, "Okay, I'll try. But don't blame me if I just can't do it."

"Okay, Martha Rose, now, take hold of the handle with both hands and we gonna turn the saw sideways so the teeth will bite into the bark and we gonna each pull, taking turns, back and forth, back and forth, and we gonna cut down this here tree. Taking it easy at first, till it gets ahold. Then we gonna get a steady pace, and then we'll have us a tree. Wait a minute! You got any gloves in your pockets? Put 'em on!"

Rosie put on her gloves and then carefully picked up the heavy saw, as Grandda had directed her to do. It was really awkward for her, cause she had never even touched one before. I somehow doubted she was going to be able to do it, but I didn't count on her determination. She really hated to fail at anything. Right now, I kinda envied her getting to help Grandda cut down that tree.

"Okay, now, you kids stand over there so the tree don't fall on ya," directed Grandda.

"Yeah," echoed Rosie, "You all keep out of the way."

(To be continued) 

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Delores said...

Grandda is a devious old guy isn't he? He knows how to get a girl to help out.