Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Zebulon - Day 151 - Historical Fiction

It was only three days until Christmas. This was Sunday, and Christmas was on Tuesday. Would we be getting anything, and if so, what. Yeah, I was just a kid, and kids love getting presents, you know. Besides, I had wanted to get something special for my Ma, but had spent the little bit of money I had saved up in order to get to Grandma and Grandda's house. 

I broached the question to my Ma again, and she said that I shouldn't be concerned about Christmas, that she had the best present of all, knowing we were all safe and present with her. I still worried over it, I just couldn't help it. I knew, too, that Marie and Les would have trouble understanding the idea of no gifts. Even when Da was alive, Christmas was a special time for all of us. 

Ma always made special food for that day; somehow she had saved enough money to prepare a really good Christmas dinner. We always had a turkey. I think maybe my Da brought home one from his job; everyone got one to take home for Christmas. He couldn't drink it away so he had no choice but to bring it home. I think he got that instead of a bonus. 

We only got one gift for each of us. With four children, I don't know how Ma managed, but she did. My Da always got a special gift for Rosie since she was his favorite. He never beat her. I have since wondered if it was because she was named for his Ma, them both having the same first name of Martha. 

Had he been close to his Ma? Had she spoiled him? Why did he dislike the rest of us so much? I still ponder those questions once in awhile, wondering... Why did he leave home, if he was close to his Ma. Why did he and Ma get married? Were they in love? Where did they meet? Was she from Kentucky, too? So many questions I had running through my mind. Why didn't she and Grandma get along with one another?

Maybe Grandda could answer some of those questions for me, if he would. I would have to try. I wanted to know more about Da's sisters and brothers, too. 

What about Ma? Did she have any brothers and sisters? I would have to ask her again. She didn't seem to write any letters to anyone, or if she did, I wasn't aware of it. I knew almost nothing of my family history. I intended to find out. But first, there was Christmas straight ahead of us. 

(To be continued)


Delores said...

Maybe Grandda can show him how to make some Christmas presents.

Grammy said...

That's an idea, but two days doesn't leave a lot of time.