Monday, September 30, 2013

Zebulon - Day 149 - Historical Fiction

"Okay, children, as soon as you finish with the dishes, I need you all to come sit down at the kitchen table again. We are going to have a family conference."

I jumped when I heard Ma speaking behind me, but was glad we were going to talk as a family. When I turned around to face her, she simply smiled at me. I didn't understand at that time, what the smile was all about. I soon found out, though. 

We hurried with the dishes and Marie and Les helped us put them away. Grandda went into the bedroom to check on Grandma, then went into the living room to give us some privacy. 

Soon we were seated around the table and we had lots of questions, but Ma quickly put her index finger on her lips and we quieted down. 

"Children, I know the past few months have been very hard for you. They have been for me, too. But, I believe they are going to get better. I have already discussed this briefly with your grandfather, and he agrees with my decision. 

The bank has been very lenient with me in trying to keep my mortgage on the home from foreclosure, but without the money your Da was making, I just couldn't make the payments, so the house is gone."

We sat there for a minute or so in shocked silence, trying to take in what it all meant. We had lost our home! All our friends were now in the past. Now what?

Rosie was the first to react, and it was kind of like Mt. Vesuvius in Italy. A slow burn, then an eruption of emotion. 

"What do you mean? Gone? Why? Couldn't you borrow some money to keep it? All my friends! Janet, Laura, Alice! I'll never see them again? My life is over! Wait, what about Mr. Hopkins, couldn't you marry him and we could stay there?"

"Now, just sit down, Rose! Your life is not over! Far from it. Mr. Hopkins is out of the picture. After you and Zeb left, I discovered his true colors. He was not what I thought him to be. In his own way, he was as harsh as your father had been. I did not need another such in my life. William was also deceptive. He had claimed to hire someone to look for Marie and Les, and had not done so. I found that out quite by accident."

"What will we do then, Ma? Where can we go?" This came from Les. 

"Yeah, Ma, where?" we all chorused.

"We're already there," she replied. "I've spoken to your grandfather, and he has welcomed us into his home. You all need a man in your lives, and you might wait forever for me to find a man worthier than he is to look up to. I could tell the moment I saw him that he is no longer the man he was."

We sat there in shock. We were happy to not have to have Mr. Hopkins as a father, but the rest of it was going to take a little adjustment. We weren't going back to the northeast. I was going to miss Sgt. Finley and talking to him. My world was kind of all topsy-turvy right then. 

(To be continued)


Delores said...

Phew...big long breath of relief...she's not going to marry that little creep.

Grammy said...

Yeah, I couldn't let her make that mistake. :)