Friday, September 27, 2013

Zebulon - Day 147 - Historical Fiction

Wiping the slush from my shoes onto the door mat, I opened the kitchen door and went slowly in, trying to decide how to approach Rosie. I knew she would most likely be in a very foul mood, what with Ma's recent "talk" with her, but I was wrong. 

Big tears were rolling down her face, and she reached up occasionally wiping them with the back of her hand. Although she was a head and a half taller than I, (apparently she had inherited the O'Halloran gene for height), I still put my hand up on her shoulder. 

Rosie jumped at my touch and then turned around. 

"Oh! It's you! Why don't you sneak up on a person, anyway?" She fairly dripped with great sarcasm. "Are you afraid to approach head on?"

Hmmm. Ma's talk with her didn't seem to have changed Rosie's disposition very much. 

"I guess we have you to thank for getting us stuck in this awful place; away from all my friends at home. There is no fun here, only work, work, work!"

"Rosie, have you forgotten we came here to find Les and Marie? Have you forgotten how happy they were to see us? I would do it again in a second, without even thinking about what might happen. Wouldn't you? Come on, now, Rosie Posey!"

At hearing the nickname I gave her when I was only four, she began to grin a bit. 

"Well, maybe..." she replied, grudgingly giving over to a fuller smile. "Oh, go on. You know I would. It's just that...that..."

"I know, Rosie, it is a stinkin' mess, but it's gonna get better. I just know it is. Look, Ma's here, so we're all together, and that's good, ain't it?"

"Well, yeah, but, what about Christmas? It's just days away, and we're stuck out here in the middle of nowhere. What about Christmas, and the presents? How are we ever going to get presents for each other? Marie and Les will be expecting Santa to bring them something. I haven't seen any stores sprouting up out here around the farm, have you? Ma doesn't drive, so we can't go in to town to shop. Now what?"

"You know what, Rosie? You always are lookin' on the dark side of stuff. Is lunch about ready? I'm starving!"

"Okay, you set the table. I've got the meal about ready, as soon as I dish it up." 

At least she wasn't bawling her eyes out anymore. I sure was curious as to what she and Ma talked about, but figured I wouldn't find out at that time. So I set the table and let my mind wander over the past couple of days. 

Pretty soon, everything was ready, and I went to the back door and stepped out onto the porch. I yelled, "Dinner's ready!" Say, that was fun, I thought. I couldn't do that back home. Out here you could holler all you wanted to, and nobody complained.

(To be continued)


Delores said...

It's probably better for Rosie not to be near stores and 'friends' if she is prone to taking advantage of the 'five finger discount'.

Grammy said...

Ha! Right you are!